Monday, November 28, 2005

Some Ideas

Not a whole lot of news to report.

It is truly astonishing just how close we are getting to going back. I’m looking forward to a smooth transition back into our beloved city. Tulane has resumed normal operations, including moving back into Gibson Hall last weekend. My assumption is that we will see a greater amount of announcements over the next few days/weeks.

Speaking of returning to “normal”, I’ve launched a new venture, Night Vision Entertainment, which will work to restore a lot of the social aspects to Tulane students. A lot of places aren’t going to reopen right away, so I’m working on deals with a bunch of reopening nightclubs and bars to establish weekly college nights, so that we can all stay together. I’ve spent a great deal of time doing this over my last three years, but now I feel that we are going to need a lot of social organization more than ever. The facebook group: New Orleans is, hands down, the biggest party city in the world” will be the place for people to get advance updates on all of our special events. So if you are interested, you can join now and I’ll be sending out updates on a regular basis.

I definitely plan to work on some philanthropy ideas for next semester. Those of you who are truly motivated to help out should join my other facebook group: N.O.L.A.- New Orleans Lives Again. We are going to think of innovative ways to help bring the city back stronger than ever, not just regular fundraising and toy drives- which are GREAT, but there’s much more to be done. See the group for more details.

It seems like people are just waiting to go back, counting down minute by minute. No one is excited for finals at their new school- I sure am not. However, most of us are just a few weeks away from completing our first and hopefully our last semester as a visiting student. Tulane and New Orleans will be a different place when we go back, but I’ll still see it as home.

More good news is that I still don’t know of many people who won’t be returning to Tulane. There are many people who are using next semester as an abroad semester, but since a lot of people did that this semester there will be a huge population on our campus.

I wanted to get some input on how people are handling the following situation. Most of us have become extremely acclimated to our new lifestyles; making new friends, building routines, and learned about our social and cultural environments. How does everyone feel about having to drop all that and go back to Tulane, or for some of you, go to Tulane for the first time? I’ve dealt with this by realizing that if its really that great, it’ll be there when I get back. I have a lot that I’ll miss here in Los Angeles, but I could never go without my four years of Tulane. If this lifestyle is important to me, I will resume it when I return to LA after graduation.

Speaking of graduation how about that? For me, and most of my friends, this is our last semester of college. Who’s getting emotional? Come on, we know you are!

Anyways, I miss you all. Hope everyone is well and excited for our return.

Coming soon- updates on moving back in and just how that's gonna go down.

Talk to you soon,


Monday, November 21, 2005

Tulane to Land Not One, But Two Presidents!!!!!

If this happens, I will ask for nothing more out of life.

Reported by the Washington Post Online:

"But let's not forget the newest cast of "The Odd Couple," former presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton . The Disaster Twins, who've been working to help victims of the Asian tsunami and more recently those of Hurricane Katrina, are said to be looking at giving a joint commencement address next May at Tulane University in New Orleans."

CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO THE ARTICLE (you gotta scroll down a bit). It doesn't say anything else though.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Planning for the Future

Hey all!

Sorry its been a while since I’ve posted. I have been working hard on some personal things and didn’t have the time. However, from now on, I will be back in action, as I plan to take this blog into another new direction: that of preparation for our return.

It’s time, whether you want to or not, to start thinking about going back. Most people have registered for classes for Spring. Most have at least considered Lagniappe, and many are still confused. My friends and I are already planning Spring Break!

Consequently, discussion here needs to become more real and more proactive. We need to talk about how things will look next semester, what we can do in our spare time to help out the community and what new opportunities may be out there. I’m talking with great organizations, such as New Orleans Hillel, about many of their plans. If you want to email me info on what YOUR organization is doing, I will definitely post it up on the site. In addition to planning volunteer work, I began a new business that will be planning all sorts of exciting social activities; in fact we plan to do an event every week!

Let’s begin this new transition by talking about ideas on what we all need to do to prepare for the return. I’m not saying we know all the details yet- we are still uncertain about housing, understandably so. But as I said in previous posts, Tulane will take care of us. The cruise ship idea, controversial as it is, will be beneficial to the tons of Tulane students who are displaced. And knowing Tulane students, they will do just fine. I actually think it sounds really fun.

I am looking forward to going back. I heard generally positive reviews from New Orleans. Some people were very excited at how fast things have come along, others were sad that their favorite restaurant/bar hadn’t opened (or may never open again). Nevertheless, all these people were enthusiastic about going back. Sad or happy, they all just want to get back to New Orleans- and I feel the same way.

It’s such a unique situation. I have completely adapted to being here in LA for the semester- making friends, getting involved in the school and developing a business. I certainly don’t know how I will adequately maintain this connection while I’m back at school. Regardless, I’m ready to return and experience my last semester at Tulane.

I truly can’t articulate just how much this experience has helped me gain perspective on life. I sincerely hope everyone else took away the same lessons that I have this semester.

You’ll hear from me again soon, so come on back!

Brett Hyman

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Good Luck and Safe Travels

I just wanted to wish everyone who's going this weekend to have a safe trip to New Orleans. I'm praying that you all feel some of the Tulane magic that I try to impart through this site. Unfortunately, I can't make it this weekend but I'm looking forward to hearing the reports, even from the naysayers! Speaking of naysayers I'm repositing my bout with our favorite one in the comments section (well just my response to his riduculous comment). Hopefully, this will put some kind of end to it.

I hope to hear lots of reports, and I would appreciate any and all emails about your perceptions to When you get return, it would be great if you comment to this post with a little synopsis of your take on the Tulane situation- good or bad.

Again, good luck and safe travels everyone,

Brett Hyman

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"I can't wait to get back"

Every time I pass someone in the hall and every time I talk to someone who I don't normally speak to; the same words come out of their mouth "I can't wait to get back." It isn't that I'm hearing some variation of this; I'm actually hearing those same exact words. I thought by this time, we’d hear of people who aren’t coming back. In my inner circle, it just isn’t happening. I’d say 1 out of every 40 people I know isn’t coming back. This is exciting news. I sat down last night to write out a list of who I thought definitely wouldn’t return and possibly wouldn’t return. My original guesstimate was that 10% of the student body won’t come back, but it seems I was way off. It seems, at least to me, that it’s more like 3-5%. Now, did I conduct a scientific test? No. Did I try calling the kids of the people who love to bash Tulane? Nope. I looked at a group of freshmen (yes I know a bunch), sophomores, juniors and seniors- and analyzed that. I definitely know 3 people who aren’t coming back. And I think I know about 23 who might not. So that’s 26 out of about 300. How can I remember 300 people I know? The facebook and those wonderful emails I’ve received. ALMOST ALL OF 23 people who aren’t sure whether they are going to go back are saying it because their “parents won’t let them.” That, however, makes me quite sad.

Regardless of whether you buy my argument, I’m real excited about it. Many of you will be going to see New Orleans this weekend, and I can only hope to hear all your reports, good and bad. Maybe some parents will change their minds and allow their son or daughter to decide for themselves. Nevertheless, some will decide the complete opposite. I just hope the analysis is thorough and inclusive. I hope that we will see him or her in the Spring.

Missing Tulane,

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