Thursday, September 01, 2005

Uptown Slideshow

Someone recently emailed me this slideshow which has pictures of uptown before and after the storm. Note that ALL of these pictures took place before the big flood that may have affected uptown. Regardless, the pictures show little structural damage to the major properties, just a lot of trees in the streets.



Anonymous Caro said...

was that your hosue with the tree knocked down in the driveway???

7:58 PM  
Blogger Brett Hyman said...

no, these pictures were taken by someone else. thanks for the concern!

8:56 PM  
Blogger tulane mom 4 ever said...

How did the Boot fare?

6:59 AM  
Anonymous caro said...

ok, so like, now I'm actually glad that i hadn't moved back to nola. I was down visiting though. i was in new orleans for exactly 5 hours. All i got to do was wait in an hour long line for gas and have a po boy.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Aileen Kelly said...

we are trying to find John and Ouida Parker in Bay St. Lewis...they lived at 526 Citizen St. there...we have not heard from them since Sunday. John is my husband's cousin. We are Aileen and Jim Kelly...and live in Keswick, VA. Anyone hearing about them call 434-973-6105 or email me at Kelly

9:25 AM  
Blogger Tulane ASB said...

Dear All,
This is Arman Sadeghpour and I am the current Associated Student Body President. As I understand...our administration is in the process of coming up with a plan for the university (here in Houston). So many students have taken the time to email me and we are all hopeful to return soon to our home at Tulane. I, myself, was only able to evacuate three days after the hurricane touched down. I volunteered at Kenner Regional Medical Center where my mother practices neonatology and my father, pediatrics. It was a truly emotional experience for all of us. I have chosen to post the ASB report of my summer activities as ASB President. If there is anything I can do to help any of our students or parents, please do not hesitate to contact me via email : or cell : 504-338-7881.

Our top student leaders have been contacting me and are eager to get updates out to everyone. We are all ready to come back home and help rebuild our university, Tulane!

Most Sincerely,
Arman Sadeghpour
President : Associated Student Body
Tulane University

Dear Fellow Students,

As the parent body to both USG and GAPSA, the ASB will be working with them, overtime, to make its mark on Tulane University's campus. We have a particularly energetic cabinet this year and I am excited to be working with everyone. Thanks in large part to the efforts of James White, the ASB has raised almost 150,000$ for the Directions speaker series, which will be resurrected in the spring of 2006 with Colin Powell as our first speaker. Two new committees have been formed, a committee on spirit and traditions, and also a committee on student equity and diversity. Students have expressed interest in a homecoming bonfire, an inner-school Olympics, and a review of the student activity fee, which has not been increased in 7 years.
It is truly an exciting time for Tulane, as it is experiencing the greatest growth and change that it ever has. I hope to enable and inspire students to contribute and make significant changes to their campus. I attended Tulane as an undergraduate and am currently pursuing my PhD in the field of Bioinformatics. I found the Tulane University mission statement particularly inspiring and would like to share it with you in this report.

Tulane's purpose is to create, communicate, and conserve knowledge in order to enrich the capacity of individuals, organizations and communities to think, to learn, and to act and lead with integrity and wisdom. Tulane pursues this mission by cultivating an environment that focuses on learning and the generation of new knowledge; by expecting and rewarding teaching and research of extraordinarily high quality and impact; and by fostering community-building initiatives as well as scientific, cultural and social understanding that integrate with and strengthen learning and research. This mission is pursued in the context of the unique qualities of our location in New Orleans and our continual aspiration to be a truly distinctive international university.

I am humbled and honored for the opportunity to serve my graduate and undergraduate peers as Associated Student Body President for the 2005-2006 academic year.

Most Sincerely,

Arman Sadeghpour
President : Associated Student Body
Tulane University

ASB Summer Report

Meetings with the Deans and Administration
It has been quite a busy summer for the ASB. As most of you know, I have spent my entire summer in New Orleans to meet with the deans and administration that make Tulane the amazing University that it is. I am happy to report that I am almost complete with these meetings. Everyone who I met with was very responsive to student government, and I was genuinely touched by how willing our deans and administration are to help out. A fairly comprehensive list of these individuals is below.

Scott Cowen Dean Altiero Dr. Kahn Laura Levy
Anne Banos Dean Bernstein Father Don Alan Miller
Victoria Johnson Dean Buekens Brent Andrus Earl Retif
Yvette Jones Dean Herman Earl Bihlmeyer Jacob Maczuga
John Lawson Dean Kroloff Ann Broome Jane Rushing
Lester Lefton Dean Lowenthal Sharon Courtney Lake Laosebikan-Buggs
Anthony Lorino Dear Marks Flozell Daniels Carolyn B. Pierre
Paul Whelton Dean Marksbury Rick Dickson Andrew Lackner
Cynthia Cherrey Dean Ponoroff Luan Dozier Vince Granito
Dean Soufas Deborah Grant Deborah Love Chris Maitre
Dean Taylor Mike Strecker Doug Harrell Missie McGuire

New Hires
Angelo Denisi-Dean for the A.B. Freeman School of Business
Deborah Love-VP for institutional Equity & Diversity
Reed Kroloff-Dean for the School of Architecture
Stephen Gordon-IS specialist to help 1/2 time with student government websites
Anne Broom-Associate VP for Human Resources

The Capital Campaign : Promise & Distinction
The capital campaign is in full swing and is currently on target for the goal of 700 million dollars by 2008. The 2004-2005 fiscal year closed on July 1st with a record high of approximately 95.4 million dollars in fundraising for Tulane. There are also a considerable number of capital improvements to our already beautiful campus, which I have listed below.

Capital Improvements & Development
1. 9/11 Memorial Classroom-Phase I of this project was funded by USG, GAPSA, and an anonymous donor for approximately 195,000$. Phase II of this project involves the purchase, construction, & installation of the glass wall which will be considerably more expensive than the first phase.

2. The University Center-There is 6-month delay but the new UC should be complete by May 06. The plan is to use the summer to move in and for the UC to be functional by Fall 06

3. New Residence Hall 1 (old Zemurray Site) Wall Residential College-should be completed by the end of August (Christopher Dunn-dept. of Spanish & Portuguese will be the first Professor in Residence for the new Residential College Model.

4. New Residence Hall 2 (old Doris Site)-construction will begin in August & done by January 07

5. Turchin Stadium-Sizeler Architects & Landis Construction have a 6 million dollar budget for the project. The new stadium will include 3rd and 1st baseline seating, a new press box, and approximately 4600 seats. The expected date of completion is in February 2006.

6. Richardson Hall-There was a model presented by “shop” architects out of New York. They will more than likely be the team that works on the renovation. The plan is to keep the front of Richardson historically accurate while renovating the backside to something a little more modern. The model they presented was very impressive and featured a repeated glass pattern on the backside of Richardson.

7. Health Sciences Center Expansion to 1555 Poydras

8. Completion of Monroe Hall and the Drainage to Monroe Quad

You can also check out: for more information and updates. There are 2 great renderings there.

Athletics / Reilly Athletics Agreement

As some of you may already know, the ASB and athletics have an agreement which we visit every year regarding athletic’s usage of the Reilly Student Recreation Center. I got together with Missie Mcguire and Chris Maitre (Campus Recreation & Club Sports) and also Vince Granito (Athletics) in two separate meetings to discuss this issue. Chris has reported to me that approximately 10% of our student body is involved in club sports. Athletics requires use of the pool lanes in Reilly for the diving team and our swim team.
To complicate matters even further, a third party, the Tulane marching band, is also seeking field time for their practices, under the leadership of our new band leader, Barry Spanier. Fortunately, there is an amicable relationship among all parties, myself included, and a finalized schedule is being put into motion. I am waiting to hear back from Vince Granito about their field scheduling for the year. My conversations with him indicated that athletics is willing to allow access to our students for our various needs (mainly club sports), and that all parties are working to help accommodate our new marching band, which we are very excited to have. In exchange, the students will allow the Tulane Swim Team and Diving team to hold their practices at the times indicated below. Discussions with Chris Maitre have also inspired talks of potentially adding stadium lighting on the roof of the new university center so that nighttime club sports events could occur on the UC quad. This would provide a wonderful potential venue for evening games that could potentially run till 11 pm on the UC quad.

The schedule highlights that I have received thus far are enumerated below:

What we give up (time wise)
Tulane Swim Team 6-8am M-F (Reilly)
Tulane Swim Team 8-10:30 Sat (Reilly)
Tulane Dive Team 11:30-1:30 M-F (unused lanes open)
Tulane Swim Team 2:00-4:15 M-F (only deep end used, other lanes open)
Tulane Dive Team 10:30-12:30 Sat (unused lanes open)
*Please note-The above allotments do not effect Club Swim, Water Polo, or Scuba.

What we get/have (time wise)

Goldring Tennis Courts
7am-Noon M-F
6am-10 Sat & Sunday
4-7 on Saturdays
7-10pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays and 7-9pm on Sundays for the Tennis Club

Westefeldt Field (largest field & lit)
Ultimate Frisbee 6-8pm M & W
Women’s Soccer 6-9pm Tuesdays, 8-11Pm Thursdays
Men’s Soccer 8-10pm Mondays & Wednesdays
Woman’s Ultimate Frisbee 9-10pm Tuesdays
Women’s Rugby 7-8pm Thursdays & 7-9pm on Sundays
Men’s Lacrosse 10-11pm Wednesdays
Women’s Lacrosse 9-10pm Sundays
Tulane Marching Band 5:15-7:15 Monday & Weds. (week of away games)
Tulane Marching Band 4-6pm on Fridays (for away games)
Tulane Marching Band 5:15-7:15 Monday & Weds. (week of home games)
Tulane Marching Band 4-5pm Fridays (week of home games)

Mintz Field
Men’s Rugby 6-7pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Women’s Rugby 7-8pm Tuesdays
Field Hockey 7-8pm Wednesdays & Mondays 9-10pm
Women’s Lacrosse 8-9pm Mondays & Tuesdays
Men’s Lacrosse 6-8pm Thursdays
Women’s Ultimate Frisbee 8-10pm Thursdays

*Please email me ASAP with any questions, concerns, or input.

Tulane Alumni Association Summer Board Meeting
I also had the pleasure of attending the summer session of the board of Tulane University, which convened in mid June. Many of the University's divisions reported on their status and I am happy to share that information in this brief report.
Tulane is experiencing an all time high in student enrollment as well as quality. We received approximately 19,000 applications this year for the 1600 freshman spots, with an average SAT score of 1357. Dr. Laura Levy was appointed as Senior VP of Research and has been working to significantly strengthen Tulane's external research funding. The university also had a record year of 8 million dollars in royalty income thanks to the efforts of Jacob Maczuga in technology transfer, which is housed downtown in the Tidewater building. The University will continue to pursue external research funding with NIH and NSF, while increasing the number of research faculty whose area of expertise is applicable to technology transfer. In addition to Dr. Levy, the university has hired Ms. Deborah Love, VP for Institutional Equity and Assistant to the President on Diversity Initiatives, Dr. Angelo DeNisi, new Dean for the A.B. Freeman School of Business, Reed Kroloff, Dean of the School of Architecture, Ms. Anne Broom, Associate VP for Human Resources, and Dr. David Davis, Director of Institutional Research. Tulane continues to grow, and in the Arts & Sciences alone, we have hired 39 faculty of the 42 new positions that have been created.
Dr. John D. Lawson, VP for Information Technology & CIO, has relocated the IT services of Tulane to 1555 Poydras. One of the biggest challenges for IT is our web mail, and in late August there will be a university-wide shift to Microsoft Exchange. Tulane is also investing in LONI, which stands for the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative, and will further Tulane’s new research initiatives and collaborations.

2:48 PM  
Blogger morgan said...

Hi everyone, i am a Tulane last semester senior and don't know what to do! i am waiting anxiously for the news on this semester, but was wondering if anyone is in the same boat as i am. i am safely in new york, thank god, and hope everyone and everyone you know is ok.

2:55 PM  
Blogger morgan said...

Hi everyone, I'm a Tulane last semester senior. i am waiting anxiously for the news of this semester's fate, but was wondering if anyone is in the same boat as i am. i am safely in new york, and hope you all are safe and everyone you know is safe. good luck to everyone who wants to transfer, or those, like me, who want to finish out at Tulane. I am also a transfer student and don't know how credits will work out. Also, if anyone has walked along State street recently...what's the damage? i can't seem to find flood damage reports and i have seen pictures of people canoeing by the Boot. Anyway, we really have a great school and I hope that we will be able to go back, wherever that may be and be Tulane students again!
Much luck and hope,

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Megano! said...

whoever took these pictures...thank you

4:06 PM  
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