Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tulane Takes a Deep Breath

Reality begins to set in. My analogy of Tulane’s reopening is as if you’ve been shaking a bottle of champagne for 4 months, and then pop the cork. Joy, happiness, fulfillment, and relief will be just a few of the emotions that we will share, together. We are the blood of Tulane. When its heart starts pumping again; our bond will be greater, our resilience stronger. I know it’s been difficult. I’ve received countless emails from people who are experience unbearable circumstances in their new situations. But the news is official; Tulane will reopen January 17th, 2006.

Let’s dispel the obvious immediate assumption: what if New Orleans isn’t ready? Well, then Tulane won’t open. Tulane will wait until the appropriate time before it lets students in. They can’t hold classes if half the students have hepatitis C. Don’t even try to suggest on this site that they will do otherwise. But delving deep into that further, we can look at a few facts prove New Orleans will, in fact, be safe. The French Quarter has power (see New Orleans Fresh Quarter Comes Back to Life). The Central Business District had power. All of uptown will have power in the next few weeks. Potable water will be delivered to these parts of New Orleans in the next 5 weeks. These three areas are all we need in order to enjoy New Orleans in the same way in which we once did. The trash on campus is mostly cleared away (new pictures will be in soon). Facilities are being rebuilt now. There’s no way that New Orleans won’t be ready by that date. It’s been about a month, and look at where we already are. Imagine what we can do in 3 months. In January, the spirit of New Orleans will live again because the people who make up its soul will return. Case closed.

Now, we’ve heard comments from wonderful people who seemed to take pleasure in putting down the possibility of a Tulane reopening for Spring. Are you all going to eat your hat? My bet is some of them will come back to this site and tell us bad stories of what will happen when we go back. Some of them will talk of our houses being destroyed and of New Orleans “never being the same.” But please cross reference my last post about the New Orleans family and remember: New Orleans is more than just a bunch of cool streets, it’s about the people. It’s the students, the locals, and even the tourists. So, I’m going to have to say you are wrong. By typing this particular paragraph, I know I’m challenging the people who still naysay for whatever vain and narcissistic reason they have (which is not my intention). However, we’d appreciate if you’d start your own site about it, and leave us alone. Also, if you want to rant about New Orleans; maybe give us an idea on how to make things better, rather than just putting it down. For example, if you don’t like Tulane, suggest how to fix it. I bet you will get a lot more respect that way, and people might believe you “love New Orleans” like you suggest you do. You know who you are.

And if you want to get negative, I’ll get a little negative. I’m worried about off campus housing. By most reports, many houses will be fine. But there will be a few, maybe 100 students, maybe 500 students; who might be without homes. To solve this, we will need to think. I’m sure Tulane’s administration is worrying about this too; it seems to be their one largest problem. My bet is that they find some sort of temporary housing, I heard cruise ships. I’d do that for sure. I’m going to do some serious research about how we can handle “the mold problem.” I’ll get back to you soon. Don’t worry yet.

So let’s talk about what I’m not worried about, and that’s spring semester’s possibility. I’m energetic and enthusiastic to get back. I’m optimistic and confidant in the new government commitment after their successive failures. I’m realistic and practical about the many logistical issues that we’ll face. State and local officials are going to work hard to make the city come back as quickly as possible. In one month, New Orleans will be a different place. Most of the major services and businesses will be back and the individual businesses will then start to rebuild.
Today is a joyous day for Tulane students around the world. Today we had the chance to see the future. We are again given hope. Our dedication will demonstrate to the world just how important Tulane is to us. Our devotion to New Orleans will single-handedly bring it back to life. We will be a community once again.

Brett Hyman

PS- Stay tuned for a post on the lagniappe semester, graduation, and other fun stuff.


Blogger greenwave said...

I'm a bit confused, Angelo DeNisi says on the Freeman site that the second semester will begin on January 9th, while Scott Cowen has said on the Tulane site that the semester will start on the 17th. Does that mean that the Freeman school is going to start a week earlier than all of the other schools?

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Blogger Tulane Sophomore said...

I felt more happy today than i have since Katrina hit - the news of the reopening, and the opportunity to spend an extra 7 weeks at Tulane this summer simply made my day. I will be counting down to January 17th!

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Blogger anonymous said...


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Blogger greenwave said...

Looks like the water is now safe to bathe in after initially running your water for 15 minutes.

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Blogger b said...

Brett- whatever happened the fundraising events you were planning? I was really looking forward to hearing about those. This blog of yours has made you somewhat of a tulane celebrity, and with the good comes the bad too. Just know you have earned the respect of the people that matter, the people who truly care about Tulane and it's community. You are going places.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Brett Hyman said...

I'm still working out some logistics. We have formed the outline of a non-profit and are working on a few finishing touches. I really need help with the website, so if you know anyone who's good; let me know. Once we get that done, we should be in perfect shape.

Check back soon,

8:03 PM  
Blogger thanxi said...

What happens if the class of 2010 is not filled... and what is the truth to other universities that were devastated in new orleans having their students continue on at tulane? Has anyone heard anything?

8:13 PM  
Blogger Sammi said...

From what I've heard, and mind you all of it is hearsay from kids who go there, UNO and Loyola are also planning on being back in session for next semester. I haven't heard anything about Dillard's or Xavier, and Xavier was right in Mid-City which, I think, got hit pretty hard with flooding.

11:20 PM  
Blogger CFM said...

Cowen spoke about opening the Tulane campus to Dillard, Xavier and Loyola students and faculty in his Friday night online chat. I do not know what that relationship is so I have called the call center. They confirmed that there is some agreement being made but did not know the details. I do think this needs to be clarified.

2:48 AM  
Blogger another texas mom said...

greenwave, this is from Scott Cowen's letter on the website that was published the same day as the guidelines. Maybe it will help.

Graduate and Professional Schools:

The Graduate School and professional schools - Business, Law, Medicine, Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Social Work - may follow a different schedule. Students should refer to the appropriate web links at the end of the Spring ’06 semester plan.

6:09 AM  
Blogger greenwave said...

that makes sense. i guess the graduate business school will start on the 9th, while all of the undergrad will start on the 17th. thanks for the clarification. i'm going to email angelo denisi to confirm this, but i think you are right.

10:01 AM  
Blogger Lydia said...

Yay! I cannot WAIT to get back to Tulane! I know things will be different, but I actually think next semseter will be even more fun than usual because we have to make up for lost time, and we have the unique opportunity to help rebuild the city and make it better than before. We can help bring New Orleans back just by being there and I think it's so cool that we have the chance to do something really small that will have a big impact.

4:05 PM  
Blogger patty said...

I am so happy Tulane will be reopening in the spring. However, my family still insists i go get my stuff. The problem is they are taking an invintory of our stuff, then boxing it up and putting it in a "Safe Place". Personaly i would prefer it left in my room so I don't have to move back to the 11TH floor again. Does any one know anything about this?
On a side note they moved Voodoo Fest to Memphis, TN. The tickets are $60, for the weekend, for now. Just thought someone might be interested.

5:22 PM  
Blogger RealityCheck said...

An Anonymous poster asked on my blog...

"So now any thoughts that are either optimistic or consistent with the adminstration's position are now "unrealistic". Reality Check, you have no information or knowledge to give you any credibility to say what is unrealistic and what is not. You have no actual knowledge of Tulane's finances, campus status, employee situation, enrollment situation, or really any other relevant factor that will determine whether or not Tulane can have a spring semester -- yet you have said that starting in January is "unrealistic."

I don't have any answers because the administration has failed to answer the basic questions of how they will be able to open and sustain themselves. The questions have been asked by me (try reading the whole blog), and with the exception of Cowen's great announcement that the school will reopen on 17-January, he has given no details on how he's going to pull it off.

The people I have gotten information from who have been down there, have seen the city, especially the area around the school say there "is no way" they are going to open. They are down there not to site-see, but are there because they are experts in urban disaster recovery. The upside of them having been turned away from campus by armed troops, is that at least the campus appears to be secured now. One only knows what was done before it was secured and cleaned up.

If things are so great down there, let us come down and see for ourselves. Scott Cowen should invite the parents down to show us the progress that has been made and how wonderful the campus looks.

The reason I have no hard facts is the school is an armed camp. The only information about the state of the campus and the school is coming from the administration who has a vested interest in witholding information from the parents and students, at least until after the November 1st deadline for withdrawing passes. I'll bet you after that the information comes flowing out. Or maybe not. We may not be able to see how bad the situation really is down there until the kids get to move into their tripled or quadrupled dorms, trailer parks on the quad or in Audubon, or tent bubbles like the bookstore.

I've been asking the questions, but haven't been getting answers, either via email or on the phone. When I ask when I'll get my money back, the answer is still 'in due course'.

Until the questions are answered, this blog remains the "Tulane Reality Check", and the questions will still be asked. The longer Cowen puts off answering them, the worse his credibility gets.

BTW, when is the regular web site and student accounts coming back up? Its been almost 5 weeks since the hurricane hit. If we were this slow in paying our tuition bills, they'd be all over our ass.

8:23 PM  
Blogger RealityCheck said...

The title of this entry in Brett's blog is "Tulane Takes a Deep Breath" and gags on it.

8:24 PM  
Blogger greenwave said...

Now was that typed by you or by your "secretary"?

Yeah lets stop all of the work being done on campus so that Scott Cowen can give a tour of the campus to hundreds of parents. I'm glad that you are so connected with your urban planners. You must be a pretty important person, you know urban planners, television personalities, probably Thad Allen and Lt. General Honore too. I actually saw the campus today on CNBC and it didn't look that bad. I saw a lot of people working their asses off to clean up the campus.

A lot can change in 3 months, lets give it some time before we jump to conclusions about what the condition will be like.

8:43 PM  
Blogger 06 tu grad said...

Wow, realitycheck!

Thanks a lot for the heads up, pal!

"try reading the whole blog"

You could have warned me. You could have told me what I was in for. I came looking for questions that needed answers.

I've seen more intelligent comments written on bathroom walls.

I left with my own questions, which had little to do with New Orleans, or Tulane. Questions like "what the heck?", "is this for real?", "how many sick people can crowd into one Blog?".

And I thought that President Cowen had HIS hands full.

I do get the humor, though. Like this quote, excerpted from one of your snappy comebacks:

realitycheck: "They don't write about how excited students are to come back in the Spring, because its not relevent to getting the university back up and running. Having excited students in Baton Rouge or wherever is not going to turn on the power, water, sewerage, keep professors, keep students, get staff, provide housing or do any of the other things that need to be accomplished at the university and the city before excited students can go back."

The humor, the joke if you will, is that the media does not have time to write about "good news" because that is not the stuff that gets the city, or the University, going again; BUT, Cowen, and the Tulane administration, THEY should have time to set all that stuff aside, to meet your whims. After all, you are a customer, right?

Well, all I can say is get in line. First things first, and you aren't it.

Sooner or later, THAT reality will set in (your stage 5?).

But back to my main point, PLEASE do not recommend something so filthy as your Blog site again.

Student Reads TulaneRealityCheck Blog "and gags on it" -- Food for Thought Worse than Bruff!

And your questions, they'll get answered. Even so, you'll never be satisfied. And 5 weeks from now, your blog will still be a repository for filth. Three things I CAN count on.

In the meantime, I'll root for the Home team, and pitch in when the time comes to make a difference.

12:39 AM  
Blogger RealityCheck said...

Sadly, a potential 06 tu grad said...

"You could have warned me. You could have told me what I was in for. I came looking for questions that needed answers."

What did you need to be warned about? That my blog would hurt your feelings or your sensibilities? Too bad. That's why its called 'reality'.

"I've seen more intelligent comments written on bathroom walls."

LOL - you actually read that stuff! LOL

"I left with my own questions, which had little to do with New Orleans, or Tulane. Questions like "what the heck?", "is this for real?", "how many sick people can crowd into one Blog?"."

Yes, its for real, as are the questions and the deafening silence from the administration in answering them.

"I do get the humor, though."

I don't expect you to. You've been brainwashed and blinded by the adminstration making promises they may not be able to keep.

Like this quote, excerpted from one of your snappy comebacks:

"The humor, the joke if you will, is that the media does not have time to write about "good news" because that is not the stuff that gets the city, or the University, going again; BUT, Cowen, and the Tulane administration, THEY should have time to set all that stuff aside, to meet your whims. After all, you are a customer, right?"

That's right. I am a customer and I expect to be treated like one. If you don't think so, you need to seriously reanalyze the situation.

"Well, all I can say is get in line. First things first, and you aren't it."

If the customer is not the businesses first priority, the business is going to be in trouble. I hope you are not an MBA student.

"But back to my main point, PLEASE do not recommend something so filthy as your Blog site again."

Your opinion, which I disagree with. I'll recommend whatever I want. If you don't want to read it, no one is forcing you to.

"And your questions, they'll get answered. Even so, you'll never be satisfied. And 5 weeks from now, your blog will still be a repository for filth. Three things I CAN count on."

You actually can learn to count to 10 if you use your hands.

"In the meantime, I'll root for the Home team, and pitch in when the time comes to make a difference."

Yes! "Lets root, root, root for the home team, if they don't win its a shame, 'cause its one, two three strikes your out at the ol' ball game!" LOL

6:42 AM  
Blogger atlantatulanemom said...

Patty - How did you hear Tulane is doing and inventory and packing stuff up from the dorms? Has ANYONE heard when we can get back in and get stuff?

7:34 AM  
Blogger another texas mom said...

Atlantatulanemom, the first time I heard this was after my son attended the Tulane Town Talk at SMU. This is from the write up that is archived on the web site.

"A professional remediation company is busy photographing, packing and labeling all student belongings. Although no firm timeline has yet been set, students will eventually be able to retrieve their belongings or have them mailed to them."

What my son understood is that you would be given the option to have the things waiting at Tulane in January or you could make arrangements to have it sent. He didn't get any more details. I don't know when requests for shipping can be made or if the university will pay for the shipping or not. Maybe someone at the call center has the answers.

7:49 AM  
Blogger greenwave said...

There is a slideshow of the repopulation of New Orleans on that is pretty interesting, I suggest everyone take a look. They show pictures of Sav-a-Center cleaning up, Tchop Stop cleaning up, Winn Dixie cleaning up, and Scott Cowen giving a campus tour to the media yesterday.

8:00 AM  
Blogger TU Junior Mom said...


Does your daughter want to return to Tulane in the Spring?

Just curious.

8:18 AM  
Blogger ncgwmom said...

Why is this "realitycheck" permitted to come here just to insult people? She or he can't possibly be what she/he claims to be--not with the language and immaturity of the content. I can easily avoid reading it on the poster's own blog simply by not going there, but having it here makes this blog nasty, too. Do you have to let that kind of thing stand on your own blog? (If you choose to, then I'm sure you have your own reasons...)

I appreciate the information I've been able to glean here. Thanks.

9:12 AM  
Blogger RealityCheck said...

TU Junior Mom said...

"Realitycheck: Does your daughter want to return to Tulane in the Spring? Just curious."

Yes she does, and my inclination as a parent of an 18 year old is to let her make the decision. We'll do that as long as she's fully informed of the situation in NOLA and at the school, and she understands that in the near term, the City and school won't be what it was when we last left it before the hurricane.

In the long term, the city maybe worse, but it may be better. There were a lot of things wrong with the City before the hurricane, and that's become painfully obvious to the entire country. I believe the City can be made better, and I'd like to see her be part of those if she wants to. Having lived there for 4 years 20 years ago, many of the negatives have not changed, or have gotten worse. Hopefully, this will force some changes.

OTOH (and I know I'll get crap for this), 18 year olds don't always know what's best for them. :-)

9:50 AM  
Blogger RealityCheck said...

ncgwmom said...

"Why is this "realitycheck" permitted to come here just to insult people? She or he can't possibly be what she/he claims to be--not with the language and immaturity of the content. I can easily avoid reading it on the poster's own blog simply by not going there, but having it here makes this blog nasty, too. Do you have to let that kind of thing stand on your own blog? (If you choose to, then I'm sure you have your own reasons...)"

Brett has been kind enough to open up his blog to comments, under the condition that people register and provide an email address (even if its an anonymous one like I have). The comments can be positive or negative, and can present several views on an issue.

If Brett would like me to stop posting on his site, he can email me and ask me and I will stop.

9:55 AM  
Blogger ncgwmom said...

Yes, I know. My question was not addressed to you, but I do appreciate the fact that your language and tone have become more civil and your content more rational in your recent posts.

9:58 AM  
Blogger TU Junior Mom said...

Thanks, Realitycheck, that was a thoughtful response. I applaud your trusting her informed decision, and understand the need to be cautious.

My son wants to return and will, given reasonable living conditions at Tulane and in N.O.

10:31 AM  
Blogger Ben W said...

about them packing stuff up and storing it, i called because my stuff was in a first floor room in aron, one that i was not spposed to live in but my friend let me put my stuff there, unfortunatly this is one of the damaged dorms. So the rooms on the first floor of willow, mayer and aron are being stored in order to allow for repair of the rooms and also to prevent mold from spreading throughout more of our possesions. I was told that people who live in dorms other than aron, willow or mayer, and people who dont live on the ground floors of those dorms should have there stuff right where they left it.

11:15 AM  
Blogger emilyfaye said...


i thought you were not going to allow comments that have nothing to do with the hurricane/nola/tulane. i hope realitycheck isn't intimidating you into keeping his more off-base comments... they really get in the way. then again, it would probably make him sound more legitimate if the really nutty ones were censored... anyway, i was just wondering what your policy is.

11:22 AM  
Blogger atlantatulanemom said...

It appears the Call Center is giving out conflicting information. I just spoke with a gentleman who answered the phone at the Call Center and identified himself as someone who works in the Registrar's Office. He said that ALL contents of ALL dorms are being photographed and packed up. I asked why this was being done and he said for security reasons, that nobody was allowed on campus (not even him) and it would probably be a month before belongings were available. I asked if we could have them shipped and he said he didn't think so - they probably needed to be picked up. I asked why they were doing this - if Tulane is going to re-open as they say it is in January - why wouldn't students who are returning to dorms that are not damaged just going to return to their own rooms? He couldn't (or wasn't supposed to) answer that. I asked about the status of Sharp and told him my daughter was on the 6th floor and he said her things were fine - so again I asked why they are being photographed and packed up? He said for security reasons, but then reiterated how safe the campus was.

11:33 AM  
Blogger TU Junior Mom said...

Housting and Personal Property FAQ on Tulane web site:

11:58 AM  
Blogger Brett Hyman said...

I keep letting reality check post because his comments are so ridiculous, it's midly amusing watch everyone attack him. I would remove his off-color and not-germane comments if I really thought they affected the tone of this site.

But honestly, no one, and I mean NO ONE, takes him or his own site seriously. No one believes that his comments resemble rational thought Therefore, let him rant and then feel free to attack him. I think he'll go away in due time.

12:09 PM  
Blogger TU Mom in Texas said...

When Pres. Cowen was in Dallas and had his Town Hall Meeting, he told us that the dorm rooms were packed and emptied so the restoration company could remediate the entire building. It won't do any good to just do one floor or single rooms without doing the whole building. They can't see every nook and kranny if there's furniture and bedding and clothes hiding any mold or mildew. Additionally, I'm betting that the carpet is being cleaned, if not removed. So, the "stuff" would get in the way and could possibly be damaged.

After that meeting, several parents talked about the possibility of banding together and getting one u-haul or ryder truck and making a multi-family haul. Don't know if it'll work, or if it's feasible, but it'd sure be less expensive in the long run if we could share the expense of retrieving everything. I really would just like to get her clothes, I don't really want to bring everything else home and then take it all back down there again a few months later! I'm also betting it'll be somewhat confusing because, if both roommates were moved in, how did they know what belonged to whom. My daughter and her roommate had "comingled" things in the room to make more efficient use of the space. We're lucky because the girls only live 50 miles from eachother. For those roomies who live across the country from eachother, there are sure to be some mix-ups. What a mess! And, did anyone else rent a micro-fridge? Wonder what happened to that thing????

5:48 PM  
Blogger motleyevan said...

I have seriousally come the realization since Katrina hit of what we truley have in New Orleans. I am currently attending classes at USC and although it is fun it doesnt even compare to Tulane. The social scene here is basically all Greek which is totally cool, but if your not a member of a USC greek fraternity, your pretty screwed. We have the best bars a college could ask for and the best people to party with. The social scene at Tulane will explode on January 17th so get ready! LONG LIVE TULANE!!!!!

11:42 PM  
Blogger Brett Hyman said...

I am at USC too. Email me. We'll find a few things to do. A bunch of Tulane students have gotten together to party and enjoy the time, at least enjoy what the can.


12:56 AM  
Blogger Tulaneparent said...

Again, Tulane's own chief of Environmental medicine. Mold is not a minor problem.

from Fortune Magazine:

Vulnerable individuals need to avoid exposure to mold, and even healthy people should take precautions when they clean up. "If you are doing it by yourself, it's important to wear respiratory protection and gloves at a minimum," said Dr. Maureen Lichtveld, chairwoman of environmental health sciences at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans. Lichtveld is currently working out of Emory University in Atlanta.

Ultimately, the only solution is to get rid of the mold and the conditions causing it.

"There is no safe level of mold," Lichtveld said. "Mold should be destroyed and taken away."

Doctors in the area have also reported various skin conditions, including a cluster of infections with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), in about 30 children and adults in an evacuation facility in Texas.

As Waters Recede, New Health Woes Rise
By Amanda Gardner
HealthDay Reporter
FRIDAY, Sept. 30 (HealthDay News)

This article is from CNN. It describes the mold problem in the hospitals in New Orleans. The hospitals can't reopen unless they're totally cleared from all mold, (living and dead mold) due to the risk it poses to patients. So, it could take many months (not 2 months) before there are hospitals in the city where students can go who are effected by the mold. This article says Charity will not reopen, and Tulane could take many months. There are not hospitals operating inside of New Orleans, and there are a few operating a less than full capacity in the suburbs. So, if you have a severe asthma attack, how many minutes do you have? How many minutes will it take you to get to Jefferson hospital? With severe asthma attack, you may need emergency medical treatment within a few minutes, or you could die. What is Tulane doing to assure the safety of the students? I want the school to reopen as much as anyone, but I don't think they can minimize the risks of the mold, and should offer parents and students some assurance that the students will be safe when they do return.

Susceptible hospitals, homes
Even dead mold can provoke asthma in susceptible people, meaning that places open to the public -- restaurants, schools, businesses -- must eliminate it.

This is most true for hospitals, where mold spores can cause deadly lung diseases in people with weak immune systems or organ transplants. Such concerns already led Charity Hospital's owners to mothball it.

Tulane University Hospital and Clinic's cleanup is expected to take months.

"The first floor's got pretty much mold. It's going to be pretty much a total loss," said Ron Chatagnier, project coordinator for C&B Services, a Texas company hired by the hospital's owner, HCA.

"It might be difficult or impossible to reopen some of these medical centers," said Joe Cappiello, an official with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

"It's not just the physical destruction that you see," but ventilation systems and ductwork full of mold, ready "to seed the rest of the hospital with spores" if the heat or air conditioning were turned on, he said.

As for houses, "anything that's been submerged probably will be a tear-down," said Jeffrey May, a Boston-area building inspector, chemist and book author who has investigated thousands of buildings for mold problems.

Clothes can be washed or dry cleaned, but most furniture is a loss. Ditto for carpeting, insulation, wallpaper and drywall, which no longer lives up to its name. Mattresses that didn't get wet probably have mold if they were in a room that did.

"Anything with a cushion you can forget about," May said.

The general advice is the same as when food is suspected of being spoiled: when in doubt, throw it out.

When is professional help needed?

"It's simply a matter of extent. If you've got small areas of mold, just a few square feet, it's something a homeowner can clean with 10 percent bleach," said Anu Dixit, a fungus expert at Saint Louis University.

She studied mold after the Mississippi River floods in 1993 and 1994 and found cleaning measures often were ineffective, mainly because people started rebuilding too soon, before the surrounding area was completely dry.

7:10 AM  
Blogger bc555 said...

What im worried about is the tranfers. The university is trying to sound optimistic about how virtual no one has tranferred yet. However, obviously no one is able to tranfer right now cause its too late. I unfortunately think were gonna start seeing the high transfer numbers in spring semester and even more so next fall...

10:21 AM  
Blogger greenwave said...

thats true, but it's not like we aren't going to be adding anyone else. we might be losing students through transfers, but will also gain students through recruitment and transfers. i wouldn't worry about more people transferring next year because the city should be closer to normal by the start of the fall '06 semester.

12:07 PM  
Blogger atlantatulanemom said...

This is from the ABC website, and excerpt from an interview with Scott Cowan:

Now, Cowen has been appointed by New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to a 17-person commission to design a framework to rebuild the city.

How can he do this while putting Tulane back together????

3:50 PM  
Blogger rob d said...

Well, mostly because he is the largest employer in the city. Nagin couldn't possibly rebuild the city without Tulane's opinion. This may turn out good for Tulane in the end. As far as time goes, I'm sure that if it benefits Tulane, he will find time.

4:17 PM  
Blogger greenwave said...

yeah we are the largest employer in the city and arguably the most powerful institution as well. i think that it is great that scott cowen will be directly involved in the rebuilding process because that means that there is a good chance tulane will have some of that desired government money coming their way.

4:46 PM  
Blogger nancy s said...

A recent post by I_survived_new_orleans to the Mom's Blog has a description of Uptown, Tulane, what conditions are like... see

12:47 PM  
Blogger another texas mom said...

Tulanemominflorida also posted an eyewitness account of their trip into the city.

5:49 PM  
Blogger tulanefreshman said...

as a freshman it is hard for me to make the decision if i want to stay where i am or go back to new orleans... there was something about new orleans that made me not want to be anywhere else, but i would definitely not be happy going back to a freshman class of 500 students. i wish they would be honest with how many people are withdrawing and transferring because its very important to me. has anyone heard if alot of the freshman are going back or staying at their schools? i don't want to abandon tulane, but it will be hard to start all over again because i am already settled, and then to get there and have not many students would be very disappointing.

11:23 PM  
Blogger Brett Hyman said...

i agree. they should be honest. I have received a ton of emails from freshmen from all around the U.S. i'd say 90% of the people who i have spoken with are coming back.

There are two reasons for this: 1) the general sentiment and loyalty to the university and 2) the fact that many schools make it functionally hard to actually transfer.

I think you will be very surprised with the community of people who will return to Tulane. And you will have the experience of a lifetime.

12:08 AM  
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12:51 AM  
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