Friday, September 02, 2005


I just wanted to thank everyone for their unbelievable support for Tulane and my site. I created this site to fill a need for Tulane related updates for students, parents and faculty. You have sent me heartwarming emails regarding the site content and pledging your support. I hope you continue your support for Tulane as well as for New Orleans when they start asking for it. The American Red Cross is, of course, a wonderful charity that is accepting monetary donations now. However, we must not forget Tulane and its need, not for money, but for the support of its constituents. I will be starting a foundation that is aimed not just as raising money for Hurricane victims, but also aimed to raise awareness about wonderful Tulane University. More info to come soon. Until then, keep it up.



Anonymous Natalie said...

We also need to thank Amanda Cowen and her father, Scott Cowen, for everything that they have done for us. He's definitely not going to leave the students high and dry (well, we are high and dry... but in that "we're-safe-and-ok" sense).

10:20 AM  
Anonymous anjum malik said...

I have a fully accredited ESL program in Austin Texas and will be happy to help any displaced students. Our website is and the phone numbers are 512 477 1454, 472 6666 or 799 5044. We are available 27/7 and students can call us anytime.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Colorado School of English said...

I am the Director of Colorado School of English which has an Intensive English Program for international students in Downtown Denver. We can't offer free tuition - but would can offer an extremely discounted rate of $637 per 4-week term to international students who need to transfer temporarily. We will waive all other fees (for homestay application etc.). Our program is accelerated - and classes are small. Do you know where I can best post this announcement so that international students can find it?

I wish you all the best. Our hearts go out to you. It frustrates the rest of the country too - to see how inadequate the response has bee - but sounds like the situation is quickly improving.
Laura Davis

9:32 AM  

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