Monday, September 19, 2005

For the Future

This isn’t about us. This isn’t about the next year, or even the next 5 years. Many argue that Tulane and New Orleans will never be the same. I happen to disagree with that, but that’s not my point. If you haven’t figured it out, I care about Tulane and New Orleans deeply. Some of you actually believe I’m a naïve kid, just here to cheer on my school, only to graduate in the next year. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m not.

Go ahead and claim that Spring semester won't happen, or that "New Orleans is covered with E.Coli." It will be back because there are enough people who appreciate the importance of the experience. I care about New Orleans because of the experiences that I’ve had at Tulane over the past 3 years. I was introduced to culture, music, and independence in a cauldron of love and joy; as I witnessed Jazzfest and Mardi Gras. I started to comprehend hospitality, loyalty, and tradition; as I learned about New Orleans’ fascinating history. Most importantly, I met lifelong friends with whom I shared hundreds of unforgettable memories; as we experienced a side of life, a side of reality, that many will never see. Tulane brought us together, and New Orleans has been a canvas in which we all painted our own interpretations of life.

It can take away my house, and all my stuff, but the hurricane cannot erase my memory. I will never forget the memories I have from Tulane, and I will always use the life lessons that I have learned. And all I want in this world is for other people to have the opportunity to experience this. I can only dream that every college was as unique as Tulane. I truly wish that there was a college with a uniquely distinctive mix of people, such as those that I found at Tulane and in New Orleans. But there just aren’t many colleges like that, or for that matter, many places like that on Earth. I spent the summer traveling all over Europe, meeting wonderful people and experiencing remarkable cultures. However, nothing compared to the culture and community of New Orleans. No experience even comes close to the memories I have from my time at Tulane. That’s why I won’t let it go. And all it takes are people like me, people who believe in something, to make change. Conviction must come before unity. Unity will found our vision. Our vision will devise our objectives. Unified objectives will generate action. Many will work together to bring back the essential culture of New Orleans. Miracles will occur.

Let’s agree, New Orleans might not be the same for quite a long time. It’s a fact. But is that reason to give up? No. Should we just surrender and say, “New Orleans will never be the same?” Never. Do you care enough about this city to make a difference? Then do something. We must step forward into positions of leadership and say, “I will not let New Orleans fall by the wayside. I will not watch Tulane suffer as their student body diminishes. We will rebuild the community. We will restore the culture. We will resurrect the spirit of New Orleans.” Not for me, not for you, but for the future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post, Brett.

Years ago I served on the board of my children's small Montessori school and it was repeatedly hammered home to us that, as trustees of the school, our true beneficiaries were our grandchildren. It seems to me that a similar attitude is warranted in this situation. Although as parents we do not have an official fiduciary responsibility to Tulane, we can be of much more assistance if we take the approach that we do.

I hope that my daughter will go back to Tulane. As a freshman, her connection to the school is about 2 hours long and she knows no one there. But your entries remind us both of what drew her to Tulane in the first place.

'09 Parent

5:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you. We're behind you, the school we love, and the city that's become a second home to us all the way.

Tulane Junior in College Station, TX

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course you do realize that most people feel as you do about Tulane and New Orleans. People want things to get back to normal as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the ability to "open for business as usual in New Orleans" by January is not up to the Tulane community pulling together, keeping the faith, being loyal,and staying committed to Tulane no matter what, as much as you might think. There are a multitude of complex political/economic/social factors that will determine what New Orleans can accomplish by January (Hence, what Tulane can expect) - independent of Tulane's institutional interests, efforts, and hopes.

As for Tulanians (students, parents, alumni) staying "faithful" to Tulane during this time by the various actions you have recommended, peoples lives and personal situations are much more complex than that. For those that have the means to DO whatever is necessary and ALLOW whatever is necessary to remain loyal to Tulane (however you choose to define "loyalty") - then that's great. Most people, however, probably do not have the luxury to "stick it out on all levels".

I believe that the best thing the Tulane community can do for itself is to empathize and respect all expression, feelings, thoughts, and decisions that are made by fellow Tulanians. We all have hard choices to make and no-one can or should begrudge or judge the choices that people ultimately make.

6:32 AM  
Anonymous tulane dad said...

Tulane and NOLA will be back. Not on wishful thinking, but action. How ironic that a city with the moniker "The Big Easy", where the pace is, ahem, "casual", is lead by a manic mayor oblivious to the need for a reasoned, systematic approach toward recovery.

Now I know that anything more than haphazzard is contrary to Nawlins' tradition, but some discipline is required lest NOLA sink below third world status.

And as goes NOLA, so goes Tulane. That stands to reason. Without NOLA, Tulane is just a very expensive choice for getting a respectable college education. Loyalty doesn't keep the lights on, though it helps. Tulane needs to be geared up for survival mode, and it is not. Yes, that means a leaner, meaner Green machine in the short trem. Probably a tad more serious and community centered than the old version. keep the good, but out with the bad.

How to make it happen? Volunteer your time to the cause. Hands and hearts, not wallets, will make it happen. The corrupt and foolish can waste money, but you can direct how your time and talent are used. Use it wisely.

Be patient. Not frozen, but patient. Time is an ally, not an enemy. Don't let politics guide you into wasted effort. Stay focused. Ask yourself "how can I help today?" Forget "stuff".

No, it isn't easy. But it is worth it.

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Prayer without action is simply poetry.” Rev. John Bryson Chane, Episcopal Bishop of Washington, at the Prayer Service at the National Cathedral on the National Day of Prayer.

We can do something...
or we can do nothing.......

As Brett has suggested, no one here is so naive as to believe New Orleans will be the same. However, there are those of us that believe that with time, it could actually be better.

Yes, we all have decisions to make. I will not condemn anyone who wishes to make a choice that does not include Tulane. But I know that the students and faculty that return are not doing so blindly.

6:49 AM  
Blogger RealityCheck said...

Brett, you've started yelling, so I think its fair to say you've moved on to 'Anger'.

BTW, I'm wearing my Tulane hat around town. I also have my newly aquired 'Tulane Alumni' license plate holder on my car and all my cars have Tulane stickers on them. I have no issues with the schhol and the City and I want them to survive, but I don't believe the current administration is acting in its best intersts.

Look at it this way. Are you un-American because you disagree with or criticize Bush?

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reality Check - thanks for keeping this "fair and balanced".

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great post, Brett. I agree with the other parent who said your entries about New Orleans are exactly what led my daughter to Tulane in the first place. I truly hope she gets the opportunity to experience the things you talk about. While my husband and I were trying to rationalize Tulane vs. State School we tried to keep in mind it's not all about where you end up - it's the journey and we ultimately caved because she was so passionate about it.

On another note, I spoke with a good friend (someone I have known and trusted for years) last night who is a flight attendant and recently had the current head of FEMA on her flight. He told her the Mayor of NOLA was with his mistress when the hurricane hit which is why he was largely unavailable in the days leading up the hurricane and immediately afterward. He also told her Nagin has bought a home in the Dallas area and relocated his family there. I post this here not for gossip's sake, but to give you some idea of the leadership of New Orleans, who ulitimately have a lot to say about the future of Tulane.

7:22 AM  
Anonymous all that jazz said...

Reality is that Tulane, New Orleans, and Louisianna have a long history of corruption and ineptitude to overcome. The current crew (Cowen, Nagin, Blanco) bear a legacy that will be hard to shake.

7:52 AM  
Anonymous so much guff said...

Now that was a real responsible act by a FEMA official. Of course, keeping the veracity of prior posts in mind, I'd file this one under "unfounded rumor".

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously the FEMA official and Nagin are having problems. Watch the news! And, maybe it is a rumor, but I find it easy to believe!

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a hard time believing that the new FEMA chief would tell a flight attendant that.

And Realitycheck- we are all angry because we are sick of you and your cronies coming over here and bashing our school and our city. Everyone here understands that you are upset about the current tuition policy. But we don't need to hear about it all the time. Stay at your blog or go to dailyjolt to express your anger. We would like to talk about some of the other issues concerning the school with out you and your other ranters chiming in how the school isn't going to open, how the athletic department is going to be scrapped, how the city is never going to be safe, and there will be no incoming freshman class next year.

Please don't wear Tulane gear if you are going to have such a sour attitude because I don't want everyone to think that is how all of us Tulanians are like.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Tulanian and New Orleanian for Life said...

Spoken like a true lover of New Orleans, Brett.

Only those of us who truly love the city and the school know the pull that New Orleans has on our hearts. Only those people can truly understand why we, the students who attend any university in the city, want to so desperately go back. I wouldn't expect it to be any other way. Those who don't know can't possibly understand.

And realitycheck:

If you have your own blog, why don't you use it?

And I completely agree the 8:13 post. Please don't wear or use Tulane gear. I don't want people to think that you and your opinions represent Tulane or the Tulane community.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous loyal tulanian said...

your cronies?


i may disagree with how cowen has handled his role as president

i may think that the situation in new orleans is bleak, and the road to renewal is long and treacherous

i may not like brett's grandstanding

but i am no fan of realitycheck, who is neither grounded in reality, nor capable of representing the other side of "fair and balanced"

rita is showing a tendency to move further east in the gulf than previously thought -- nola is now in the five day cone, albeit not the center -- and the storm is projected cat 3


9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,
I need some information, please. I was told that some of the kids in some of the dorms are getting their things mailed back to them because contractors are staying in the dorms. Can anyone verify this?

9:38 AM  
Anonymous es said...

Check out the facts at the Tulane Community Blog site,

Stay informed. Stay active. Stay positive.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous PositivePolly said...

Hi es....I checked it out, and there was no answer to that question about things being mailed home. Can you verify?

10:07 AM  
Blogger es said...

I can try, but it sounds like one of many rumors... I'll work my contacts. ;)

A&S Grad students, your Dean has been found, is alive and well! Check out the link to their Blog.

10:16 AM  
Blogger es said...

From the A&S temp site:

"Spring Academic Plans:

Plans are currently been established for Tulane's spring reopening. This will include an almost normal spring semester folllowed by a compressed nine week semester. The purpose is to allow students that sat out for the fall, or who took part time course load the opportunity to catch up. A more detailed documemt will be posted on the Tulane website"

10:18 AM  
Blogger es said...

Posted on one of several Freeman School Blog sites:

"Saturday, September 17, 2005
Meeting today with the Dean and Faculty

Just wanted to let you guys know I was able to meet with Dean DeNisi, some of the other Deans, faculty and graduate advisors today in Houston. The meeting, for me at least, was productive and very informative. One important thing I learned today is that President Cowen has eliminated all operating entities within the University and all policy must be approved by him and then travel back through the deans of the individual schools out to their respective constituents. I say this is important because I believe it is part of why information has been slow to get to us. President Cowen has made it very clear that no one is to release anything without his approval. While this may seem extreme, obviously we are in extreme times and he wants to ensure a consistent and correct version being released to everyone.

Issues I brought to the school’s attention focused primarily on communication with us and career services. Currently, it was has been determined that Prof Shaw has the most comprehensive list of Faculty, staff and students of the Freeman School. Dean DeNisi is going to work through Prof Shaw to get information to everyone regarding a “permanent” temporary website to release information to us. This should happen very soon. Alicia is in Memphis right now and has the ability to bring the page back up associated with a new ip address/server and we would then be able to access that site to get updates from the Dean. I brought up that there are now several sites that information is creeping through and that we need a central point to get the official information and not have to worry if it is rumor or not. As soon as this site is available I will post the link if you are not on Prof Shaw’s list. If you are not I strongly encourage everyone to contact her at to be added to the list.

Career Services is very high on their list of concerns and they are working hard to put in place a plan to address our needs in this area. One of the major issues here is that when the president eliminated all the divisions within the University, he also consolidated all operating budgets. This means that travel is difficult if not impossible, but they are doing what they can and looking for ways to be creative and get out to us as soon as possible. I can say as far as on going activity here is that Peggy Babin has been contacting recruiters and working with them to keep things moving forward and as so many people have been; they are being very flexible with her and wanting to work with us as much as possible.

I also brought up the international students because I know at at least one that had significant problems during the evacuation. Prof Hogg recommended that any international student that is having difficulties with visas or other documentation to contact the university’s information line at 866-502-7264. This line is answered Monday through Friday form 10 AM to 5 PM.

I would also recommend everyone get in contact with their advisor as soon as possible to discuss what courses you are taking this semester and where you are taking them. If you have questions about how to do this please let me know. This is not to alarm anyone that they may be doing something that will not count towards graduation, it is just so that they can keep track of your progress and better design the Spring with the faculty by knowing our needs.

On the same topic of academics, I will say this: The university and the business school are very committed to ensuring that each student graduate when he or she anticipated to graduate before Katrina struck. I don’t want to go into any detail of what was discussed because many decisions are not final, but I will say they are being very creative in looking at this and we will have an interesting spring starting in January. President Cowen and the Deans are working closely to make this happen. Again this is why it is important to communicate with your advisor as soon as possible so the school knows our needs.

Some other important steps are being taken as I type. The new server room downtown has been inspected and the servers are in good shape. The main problem right now is that there is no power for that building. Generators are being brought in and should have the system back up and running soon. This includes Student Records, which is the first priority and email, which is third I believe. So our Tulane accounts should be active soon, which will eliminate a lot of the communication issues, as they will then be able to email everyone.

The Business School buildings seem to have weathered the storm fairly well. GWH II did better than GWH I. GWH I had significant flooding in the first floor classrooms and much work will be needed before they are operational again. The water is being pumped out right now, but there is no electricity to dry them and mold has formed and even the brand new ceiling tiles will need to be replaced again. To give you an idea of how bad it was the podium in 131 was floating on its side. GWH II on the other hand suffered mostly window breaks and this was just to the outer panes of the windows. So much less time will be needed to get that building functional again. Water damage to that building was not discussed so I do not know if it was flooded or not, so lower lockers stay tuned.

I guess to close I would just like to say that like many of you I was very frustrated with the lack of communication from what seemed like the official means. Although, after this meeting I feel much better and see that everyone at the school is working very hard to not only make sure we can start in January, but organize and get us the answers and service we all desperately need and want right now. So keep checking and of course for all the official information. Once I confirm the Freeman site is up I will post a link to it as well."

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, my gosh. That is more information that I've had yet. Where are all these sites? Thanks so much. I still think they are shipping things back. That came from a student who lives in Monroe.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous sc said...

Cowen imposes a "cone of silence", stifles open communication.

Thank goodness for the (responsible) bloggers. Caveat Emptor. Thanks, es.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Use, I know, ES, I can't type either!

Thanks for the info.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, as to the work being done by tulane staff and admin: my mother is in houston working on all payroll matters for tulane. tuition is necessary to pay all faculty and necessary staff. understand, if faculty are not paid and must find new jobs, there is NO way that tulane can resume. Trust me, the administration and most are working extremely long and stressful days(I say most because not all are in a position right now to easily work with Tulane). as to New Orleans. i am a native, and when i say new orleans, i refer to the entire area: River Ridge, Harahan, Kenner, Metairie, Uptown, Downtown, all of the Westbank, etc. When people say that N.O. will not be inhabitable, nor will Tulane have a chance to resume in the spring, i must say they are wrong. My friend, Jefferson Parish police officer, has all power and clean water at his (nearly undamaged) house on the westbank. My father returned thursday to River Ridge (just at the other end of Earheart Expressway), also to an apartment with power and water (albeit not drinkable water). Many businesses in the Greater New Orleans area are being re-established. It may be a while, but New Orleans will certainly not consist merely of Bourbon st. and Uptown. Remember, it is not simply Orleans Parish that makes up the culture and spirit of New Orleans, rather all the people from the Greater New Orleans area.

11:10 AM  
Anonymous es said...

heh heh... noted, but that wasn't me... I copied the blog without editing or proofing... thanks.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ES, was that on the Freeman MBA blog? Didn't see anything on the regular Freeman blog.

11:34 AM  
Blogger nolama said...

Thank you for doing this, Brett. We have long loved NO and our daughter plans to return as a freshman as soon as she can. I think it will be an invaluable experience for the students to be part of the rebuilding of this historic, unique city. Tulane is doing an admirable job of handling the situation. Constructive criticism is always appropriate, but no whining, please.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous es said...

An unofficial Blog site run by an MBA student.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read that you are recommending students contact thier academic advisor about current classed being taken.
What email address do they use to contact them?

Also, if sophmores were to apply to the business school in October,how will that be handled?

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry my typing is terrible

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say I am very concerned with this new storm. It has yet to become a hurricane but Rita definitely brings back memories. As I drove around Miami today, I saw 30car lines for gas, people boarding up their businesses and houses, ... Although I think it will not have a big impact on South Florida, I am concerned about where it is headed. It is supposed to reach category 3 by the time it makes landfall in the gulf. I just want all of you who are thinking of going back to New Orleans to get your stuff from houses or apartments to keep an eye on this one! I was supposed to go back up this week to check on my apartment but I postponed that trip.

TU junior

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those that haven't seen it, there is a new message posted under "students" at

Withdrawal deadline extended to Nov 1.

Fall payment deadline extended to May 1, 2006.

I know, I know, some of you aren't planning to pay...just thought those that were worried about a short term cash crunch (like me) would want to know this.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Latest post also has campus pics!

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Cheerleaders ONLY on this blog, realitycheck! Opposing views will not be tolerated here so go back to your own blog and leave us Tulane lovers alone. We don't need reality here.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

loyal tulanian,

Pray? We did that before Katrina and it didn't get us very far. I'm ready to try anything right about now. Now where did I put that voodoo doll......

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

September 19, 2005 - 4 p.m.

New Withdrawal Deadline Announced

In recognition of the fact that some parents and students are still exploring options for the Fall '05 and Spring ‘06 semesters, Tulane University has extended its withdrawal deadline until November 1.

The university is keenly aware that some of its students realized a substantial financial hardship as a result of this unprecedented natural disaster. To assist those students and their families in the recovery process, the university will also extend the payment deadline for any fall tuition owed the university until May 1, 2006. Our hope is that by providing the opportunity to defer the fall tuition obligation without a finance charge, all of our students will be able to continue their educational program in January without interruption when the university resumes classes in New Orleans.

Finally, later this week Tulane will issue a statement regarding the spring semester. This statement will describe opportunities for students to continue their studies at Tulane University in the Spring of 2006.


Could someone please explain the purpose of the above policy to me. I can't for the life of me understand the reaoning behind this .

If the school can wait until May for the money they must not be as desperate as they say. Also, assuming you had to pay two schools which is what would create the financial hardship, wouldn't that hardship go away when you returned to Tulane and they credited you with the amount of tuition you paid to the other school? Are they perhaps recognizing that the students were victims of the hurricane?

Are they going to allow students to continue at their host institutions as visitors ? Could that be the reason behind this ? None of this seems clear to me.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't explain it, but I can tell you how I read between the lines of the latest chat. I could be wrong, but I think the dazed state that Mr. Cowen must have been in after this storm hit is starting to clear. I think he is realizing that he must do more to help his students and therefore, he seems to be seeing the entire picture better. From his chat (and I was one of the really mad ones) I feel a completely different sense of comfort that he actually knows that his hard nosed policies were actually doing more damage than good. Atleast it seems to me that he is trying to keep us there, rather than have us run for the hills with our money. I never suspected that TU was that desperate for money, I did suspect that he didn't have a clear picture, so he had to do an "emergency-ass plan". I feel better, but I'm still not as trusting as I think he wants us all to be. It has nothing to do with him personally. I do hope that he can do what he says he can do. If so, it will be a wonderful thing for TU.

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think that the tuition policy is going to change. I also think that things are going to stay pretty much the way that they are. But I do agree that he is more concerned than he was.

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok. Need someone who can explain something to a parent who didn't go to college and isn't quite up on all of this stuff. Explain the pass/fail, gpa scenario. How will my child's classes be counted? In other words, someone please drop down to my uneducated level and explain this entire transfer thing. I'm sorry. I just don't understand the specifics of it all and how it relates to the grades, the gpa, the degree, etc. In other words, what is TU going to do with 15 hours of the following classes that my son is taking:
Political Science

Just pretend he makes A's in all of his classes at his state university. How is this counted now. Thanks so much - ES - you might have to help me on this. You seem to be in the know. Thank you!

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think the tuition policy will change, either. I think the lawyers will have to look into that one. He does seem more concerned for the parents and students. Atleast he is ackowledging that they are victims as well, and is extending deadlines to let our own fog clear. But now we have Rita in the works. Don't get comfortable gang. She's goanna be a doozey.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See if this helps:

A student's progress toward graduation is measured not only by the grade-point average but by dividing the students total number of quality points by the total number of quality hours, Graduation requires a 2.0 grade point average, equivelent to a C, in all courses as well as in the major.

You also need a certain number of credits to graduate. Most courses are worth 3 credits I believe. You need a certain number of credits in your major.

The credits will transfer but when they calucate your GPA ( grade point average - an A is worth 4 , an A- is worth 3.667, a B + 3.333 and a B 3.0 )these courses will be excluded.

Your GPA also affects certain honors and award.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've heard mixed things about transfer of grades. cowen said that the grades won't transfer, but angelo dinisi, the business school dean said that grades would transfer if they help your gpa. so it might be a school by school issue.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How will President Cowen and the Tulane experts he referenced determine enivronmental safety for the students, faculty, and staff to return? That safety is critical and this determination is part of all our decisions. The facts are a key. We all remember the Love Canal in New York State - perhaps it has more bearing here than we want to think about. There is alot at stake here - especially the health and well being of TODAY'S Tulane students. Let us put THAT first -

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

November 1 is for many schools the deadline for transfer applications. coincidence?

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about the parents that have already paid. I guess they don't have a financial hardship and they should keep their tuition/ room/ and board until the spring. I am confused about how he is helping those families

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the 3:30pm poster, regarding GPA and credit transfer:

I think it is almost universal for each school to calculate a student's GPA based only on classes taken at that school. If a person attends multiple schools, they have multiple GPAs. So when Tulane students take classes this fall at another school, they will have a seperate GPA at that school.

I am not sure it is entirely clear how Tulane will handle grades. (I do know that all classes are not identical at all schools, and some schools require more work than others for the same grade.) To be able to transfer credits from one school to another, a minimally acceptable grade is all that is required. I am not sure what Tulane's policy is, but generally a "C" is minimally required for classes required in your major. I believe at some schools a "D" is acceptable for non-major classes.

If one should apply to graduate school, law school, medical school, etc., then a GPA will be calculated from all classes ever taken for a grade (be it A, B, C, D, F). These grades will always be on record, keep that in mind.

Btw, Chemistry and Biology and Math (i.e. Calculus) are 4 credits each at our state school. The Biology and Chemistry classes each have a weekly lab that take 5-10 hours a week each. Good luck to your son, looks like he has a heavy load.

6:02 PM  
Anonymous gump said...

If I was Cowen I would cancel the entire year. I think he would retain more students and wouldnt need to go and get a 2010 because 09 would now be 2010 and so on. Then the juniors in high school now could begin looking at Tulane as a real school and not a heap of garbage like the class of 2010 will. I truely believe the school will be ready by January. HOWEVER, no way will the city, its services, the water, the mold, hospitals, and all that will allow for normal life to resume. There needs to be a grace period from when New Orleans is cleaned up to the time it is at full capactity. I think spring semester is a huge gamble and I think it wont happen not cause of Cowen or Nagin but cause of FEMA and all the other gov't agencies. PLus RITA is on the way.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rita is headed here to Htown, NOLA is safe...for now

7:43 PM  
Anonymous loyal tulanian said...

"Pray? We did that before Katrina and it didn't get us very far."

You are here to post this. Imagine how bad it might have been if you hadn't prayed.

8:21 PM  
Anonymous es said...

1) Pay your fall tuition.

2) Tulane has stated that it will make every attempt to accept credits for transfer. If they are from an accredited institution, apply to the curriculum enrolled in, and do not duplicate the content/level of work already, all 15 credit hours should transfer and apply to their degree.

3) As for grades, they are usually not transferred. At this time, I am unaware of any final decision as to making exceptions under these circumstances. I do know that it has been a topic of discussion.

4) The grades are retained on the student's transcript from the host school, and generally would be used to calculate a combined GPA by a prospective employer and/or graduate program.

5) As for P/F -- they do not count in the GPA calculation, and different schools handle the number of P/F courses that can be taken differently. Sometimes scholarships have certain requirements attached. I don't even want to speculate on how TU will handle these cases. That is a question for the student's Dean.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous perturbed said...

It appears that Cowen has finally realized that it is going to be very difficult to charge for services he hasn't provided. That is not going to keep him from trying.

Prediction. The fall back position here is going to be to try to hold a compressed Fall semester next Summer. The "Oh you don't have to pay for the Fall semster until next may" translates from "Great leader" speak into plain English like this. "If you want to attend classes in January the only way you are getting in the door is if I have a full semester of your money in my pocket before the first day of class and the only way you are going to get academic credit for anything here there or anywhere for this semester or last is if I have a full years tuition in my pocket by May 1. We will then offer an eight or nine week abbreviated Fall semester beginning in may taught by whatever part-time adjunct professors we can scrounge up."

The bargaining has begun and Scotty is not holding a good legal hand but he is holding a lot of folks money and possession is nine tenths of the law as they say. Extending the deadline for withdrawal tells me that Cowen doesn't want to force peoples hands. And my guess is the state universities are probably telling him they don't mind helping out but they don't want to dragged into any of his law suits. It is pretty tough to explain to state legislators who are getting angry calls for voters who want to know why Paco can wade across the Rio Grande and go to school at in state rates but their kid has to pay Tulane rates.

Anybody waking up and smelling the coffee?

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

perturbed said:

Prediction. The fall back position here is going to be to try to hold a compressed Fall semester next Summer.

Based upon something I was told by someone at the call center that makes alot of sense. You maybe right.

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm on a continual roller coaster when I read these blogs. So many things to ponder. So many good speculations. I know there will be a compressed semester next year, that will end in July and I know that some of the kids are getting their dorm room possessions mailed back to them. I think the last poster has hit the nail on the head. So, what is a parent to do? Yes, I know - ask my child, but, I am paying the bills here. I will listen, I will try to sort through this deal, but it is I who makes the final decision where my money is involved!

8:55 PM  
Blogger dh3ma said...

AMEN Perturbed! I called Cowen on Friday night after talking to my DC based legal team and he probably made this decision based on how he can not legally have us drop if we don't pay fall tuition for a service not rendered. He thinks he can get away with billing in May, but in reality it just gives the policy more time to fail (it is still not legal).

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What were you told at the call center? My child was told that today by a TU student and that this guy was getting HIS things mailed to him because some contractors were living in his dorm! Is this true?

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The person I referred to mentioned something about two semesters.

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun- summer in New Orleans. Hope they get rid of the smell by then.

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the call center first opened I think that they were inundated with calls from angry people. The result of those calls was the softer Scott Cowen we saw in the chat the other day. The calls have tapered off now though and they are back to seeing the world through rose colored glasses.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous perturbed said...

So Cowen may be moving from charging full tuition for no services to charging full tuition for half a semester. Maybe more folks will buy into that but it would have been a much easier sell if he hadn't alienated so many folks with his initial position.

How about this for a counter offer Scotty? I paid for a full Fall semester and I expect a full semester or my money back. Then I expect you to evaluate any courses my kid takes at his state school the same way you would if he took them at Summer school or if he brought them in as a transfer student. I think we have a college catalogue that lays out the ground rules for this as well as ample precedent for courses from various schools. I am perfectly willing to see if the courts consider that catalogue a binding contract if you want.

9:15 PM  
Blogger RealityCheck said...

The Administration seems to have finally entered the 'Bargaining' stage. Its good to see that they are making progress.

Remember, this is only the beginning of 'Bargaining'. There is plenty left to go.

BARGAINING: You are willing now to compromise. No use denying it, anger comes and goes so perhaps you can make a deal with God! You are willing to promise to do or not to do specific things if only you can be given more time. It can be based on an upcoming event that is important to you. You can be suffering from insecurities regarding a member of your family or a loved one who you feel is yet dependent on you. There can be a rift that has never been eliminated that needs to be further addressed. You are not free to go until these reasons can be alleviated once and for all. You are hoping yet and eager to deal!

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, Brett, I don't know you. I am just a TU Freshman parent whose head is spinning from all of this. But I will say this: Your blog: the good, the bad and the ugly of it all has been a help to me to help me sort through some things. I've been up some days, down some others, confused some days, feel more clear on other days, and today was like a bulb went off in my head. I know you don't like "realitycheck", but I can say, he/she has made me laugh through all of this - and that means something in a time when we all need something to laugh at. Sure, there are some less than articulate smart asses on here (myself included) but I have chuckled more in the last few days than I have in weeks. Don't take this "smart assness" too seriously, but you know, some of this is just funny, and I'm enjoying laughing for once instead of crying. The last few posts, with the "How about this for a counter offer Scotty" and realitychecks stages of dying have made me laugh from the gut. This is better than watching Desperate Housewives. I am assuming that I will, at some point, be able to make an intelligent decision on our families future in NO and at TU, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying the ride that you are providing with your blog. Smile -we are all crazy.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can get me a DC legal team? Just kidding. I thought that was funny, too. Actually, I was thinking: "Damn, I better send my kid back her, she might one day have her own DC legal team!"

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Rita is gonna rip us all a new one, what do you think? Get out your voodoo dolls or whatever it is you pray to down there in NOLA. This is some crap, isn't it?

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:55 PM is right. We all need to hear what everyone has to say regardless of how they say it. If you take any comments personally on this board, you would have a tough time making it in the legal world.

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DC legal team = When your family is a bunch of lawyers

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, that will never happen in our redneck family! Maybe our "prize child" can dig us out of our redneck family hole if she gets that TU de-plo-ma!

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S. Digging US out of that hole would be equivalent to that "miracle" that Brett was talking about!

10:06 PM  
Blogger emilyfaye said...

regarding the posts about nagin being with his mistress:

as someone who was in nola and watched nagin on tv in the days leading up to katrina, the bit about him being unavailable because he was with his mistress is ridiculous. why would anyone be getting it on in the middle of a cat 4? also, nagin was not the one who was unavailable. at the time it seemed clear to me and everyone else watching the news that it was the federal gov't. that was unavailable. bush accepted responsibilty for the mistakes that were made regarding katrina because the mistakes had been made at his level. i'm sure other mistakes were made at the local level, but they didn't have anything to do with a black man having sex (yes, i'm calling that rumor racist, too). in the days after katrina we as a nation recognized that the poverty and race were at the root of the problems in n.o. it's too bad some of us are quick to forget that. for a minute it looked like we might be getting somewhere.

as for the fema head, if he's actually been spreading that crap why hasn't it hit fox news?

i know this is not the intention of this blog, but is anyone else frustrated by the massive scapegoating we're seeing from the dc crowd? and that's not a partisan statement... plenty of dems didn't support legislation to build up the levees, too.

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to change the subject but I have been reading about Love Canal (mentioned by someone on here).

I have also seen a number of websites where they are talking about the nuclear power plants in New Orleans and the dangers associated with flooding.

I know that there are a number of chemical land fills in New Orleans.

When you add in the fact that the entire city is below sea level- the whole thing is very scary.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the chat:

Henry: President Cowen, I think you have done a phenomenal job of handling this unimaginable catastrophe and keeping everyone well informed. As a freshman dad, I'd just like to ask you how you and your family are doing.

President Cowen: Thank you for asking, you're the first person to do so. My wife broke her foot in the midst of the storm and is hobbling around on crutches. My dog, Gibson, has for some unexplained reason suddenly grown two tails. And I'm wearing the same yellow shirt that I left town with two weeks ago. Other than that, we're doing well. Thank you for asking.

10:44 PM  
Blogger emilyfaye said...

regarding the posts about nagin being with his mistress:

as someone who was in nola and watched nagin on tv in the days leading up to katrina, the bit about him being unavailable because he was with his mistress is ridiculous. why would anyone be getting it on in the middle of a cat 4? also, nagin was not the one who was unavailable. at the time it seemed clear to me and everyone else watching the news that it was the federal gov't. that was unavailable (remember bush being on vacation days after the hurricane?). bush accepted responsibilty for the mistakes that were made regarding katrina because many, many mistakes had been made at his level. i'm sure other mistakes were made at the local level, but they didn't have anything to do with a black man having sex (yes, i'm calling that rumor racist, too). in the days after katrina we as a nation recognized that the poverty and race were at the root of the problems in n.o. it's too bad some of us are quick to forget that. for a minute it looked like we might be getting somewhere.

as for the fema head, if he's actually been spreading that crap why hasn't it hit fox news?

i know this is not the intention of this blog, but is anyone else frustrated by the massive scapegoating of the local officials we're seeing in order to protect the dc crowd? and that's not a partisan statement... plenty of dems didn't support legislation to build up the levees, too.

as for nagin buying a home in dallas:

his wife and kids are living there because that's where the kids are going to school. he's in n.o. taking care of business but heading back to see them when he can.

sounds to me like the right thing to do.

facts, facts, facts. without them we all sound like hannity and o'reilly.

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok - here are the facts :

New Orleans Environmental `Nightmare' Slows Recovery (Update1)
Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- The massive environmental cleanup needed in flood-ravaged New Orleans, a city awash in the toxic residue of ruined industrial facilities, is slowing the progress and increasing the cost of the Gulf Coast's recovery.

The flooded areas include more than 60 chemical plants, oil refineries and petroleum storage facilities, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency records. The full extent of the damage won't come into complete focus until the water that swamped 80 percent of the city is pumped out, a process the Army Corps of Engineers says may take until mid-October.

``It's a nightmare,'' said Jay Grimes, director of the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. ``There's so much unknown material in that water. You have to assume there's a lot of toxic material. Some of it could stick around for months or years.''

Michael Chertoff, the U.S. secretary of Homeland Security, said Sept. 11 that Hurricane Katrina's blow to New Orleans last month created ``probably the greatest environmental mess we've ever seen in this country.''

The consequences of a major hurricane devastating a large industrial city such as New Orleans are reflected in the fact that the EPA has already detected unsafe levels of lead, bacteria and arsenic in the flood waters. Some rescue workers, including volunteer Ron Hagerman, 46, of Marco Island, Florida, report headaches, blurry vision and rashes from working in the polluted water.

Slowing Rebuilding

The EPA now plans to start testing the soil to check for leaked toxic materials from Superfund sites -- abandoned properties contaminated by hazardous waste -- or other sources.

``We have a lot of concern about what in fact may be there, from radioactive isotopes that may have been used in hospitals or in universities, to oil and gas facilities to household chemicals,'' EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson said in an interview this week.

In addition to slowing rebuilding and recovery efforts, the contamination could further hinder energy production as well as the seafood, shipping and tourism industries in outlying areas.

``It will take a tremendous commitment to make the city economically viable again,'' said Lynn Goldman, who oversaw pesticide and toxic-chemicals programs at the EPA under President Bill Clinton. ``It's going to hinge on a lot of factors, including the ability to pull the environment back together.''

The cleanup costs may far exceed the $62 billion in direct aid approved by Congress so far, said Philip Clapp, head of the Washington-based National Environmental Trust.

Superfund Sites

Johnson said there's no way to know yet how much the cleanup will cost or how long it will take. The EPA has received $100 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and so far has enough money for the cleanup, he said. Johnson declined to comment on whether his agency will ask for additional funds from the president, saying it's too early to tell.

President George W. Bush, speaking to the country from New Orleans last night, made a sweeping promise to rebuild the Gulf Coast, a project he said would be ``one of the largest reconstruction efforts the world has ever seen.'' He didn't give a price tag.

At least three Superfund sites were flooded in New Orleans, the EPA said. One of them -- the Agricultural Street Landfill, which lies downtown near a residential area and a school -- remained submerged as of yesterday, the agency said.

The flooding may also have shaken asbestos loose from old buildings. ``They will have to take down some of those structures,'' Goldman said.

`Widespread Catastrophe'

New Orleans might end up having to turn parts of the city into ``brownfields,'' said Dale Lehman, URS Corp.'s national coordinator for disaster contracts with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. While a site designated as a brownfield is eligible for federal cleanup grants, the label can also scare away potential developers.

Lehman was in New Orleans last week to assess damage for URS, a San Francisco-based engineering company that has been hired to help the government rebuild the city.

``This is the most widespread catastrophe I've seen,'' he said. ``There are petrochemical manufacturers, refineries, damaged gas stations and major port facilities, all submerged.''

It may be a long time before New Orleans residents can return to homes in flooded areas, Mike McDaniel, head of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, told reporters in Baton Rouge this week. While testing of water and air in the area has raised few causes for concern, the process of sampling and clearing areas will take time, he said.

State View

``There's some serious decision-making that has to occur,'' he said. ``There are a lot of questions about safety and about health hazards, and it will be a while until people will be allowed to go back.'' Some flooded homes will probably have to be destroyed to reduce health and safety hazards, he said.

The state environmental department is working with the EPA and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to assess risks from industrial sites and railway cars that may contain toxic chemicals and radiation, McDaniel said.

McDaniel said preliminary surveillance to date has shown no unexpected contamination, and some state officials say the EPA may be painting too grim a picture. Tests thus far show that conditions, while unsanitary, aren't toxic, said Chris Piehler, a senior scientist at the state environmental department.

New Orleans is still about 40 percent flooded. The stew of chemicals, toxic waste and raw sewage is being pumped into Lake Pontchartrain, where it could linger and potentially end up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf Waters

Grimes said a hint of what might be in the water came last week when he found two old electrical transformers contaminated with PCBs, which the storm had swept out of his own lab's shed used to store toxic chemicals.

Use of PCBs, which are harmful to people and wildlife, were phased out by law in 1976. PCB exposure can cause reproductive failure in animals and infertility, cancer, and neurological problems in humans, according to FEMA's Web site.

Grimes said the transformers weren't leaking. ``We took care of it, but it's a small example of what else might be out there,'' he said. ``It's staggering to even think about.''

The pumping of New Orleans' untreated floodwater into Lake Pontchartrain could kill large amounts of fish and other wildlife as well as hurt an already struggling seafood industry.

``The fish don't know to stay away from New Orleans,'' said Robert Goldstein, senior lawyer for the environmental advocacy group Riverkeeper in New York.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said it plans to test fish and shrimp off the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama for contamination that might affect human health.

Gulf Waters

Along with testing the floodwater, the EPA is working with state officials to get more than 1,000 drinking water systems and 123 wastewater treatment facilities up and running in Louisiana and Mississippi, Johnson said.

Some former federal officials said they were concerned that the EPA's efforts might be hindered because of lack of funding in recent years. The EPA's budget was trimmed to $7.7 billion for the fiscal year that starts next month, down from $8 billion in fiscal 2005 and $8.4 billion in fiscal 2004, according to budget documents from the White House Office of Management and Budget.

``The federal EPA is going to be looked to for leadership here,'' Sylvia Lowrance, former acting assistant administrator for enforcement at EPA, told reporters last week. ``But they can't lead unless they are given the resources to do so.''

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

11:14 PM  
Anonymous NewcombSoph said...

I think that was by the most convincing post yet. More than the bars and fun nights out, Tulane is a community where we grow and learn.

And if there is anywhere we should grow and learn, it's New Orleans.

There are convincing arguments for both the school itself and the city which we as students inhabit. We have a reponsibility as citizens - loyalty is first and foremost. I'm not saying loyalty requires money. It requires hope and respect. We must hope that Tulane and New Orleans can recover. We must hope that they will remain fortified and unified. We must hope the city will be safe and clean. We must respect the circumstances, the school, the forces of nature, others' opinions.

Hope and respect are what we really need.

Then, I would like to remind the readers of a similar, yet quite different situation.

The last city that was entirely evacuated was Atlanta in the Civil War (I may not have that exactly correct in specifics). General Sherman raided it and ordered all civilians out after the Governor James Calhoun surrendered the city. General Sherman burned much of the city.

Atlanta faced its share of hard times... the Great Depression hit it hard, until finally it recovered. Since the 1950s, the city has done substantially well, particularly when compared to other Southern cities. Many of the Fortune 500 companies are seated there. Many Tulane graduates have gone there and been successful in their endeavors.

Atlanta is called the Phoenix City because it quite literally did rise from the ashes.

We might say that New Orleans is quite different. After all, it was the greater power of nature that wreaked this havoc, not a war or a general or an ideology.

But great cities do rise from destruction.

Like Atlanta rose from the flame, so can we hope New Orleans will rise from the flood.

There is no reason we shouldn't hope for the best. NONE. I, for one, do not feel that we have reason to despair, particularly since we are not sitting in the Astrodome with another storm on the way.

Please abandon cynicism in favor of hope. Say to yourself, New Orleans will rise again. It isn't so bad or difficult. New Orleans will rise again.

13000 Tulane students think New Orleans is a worthwhile place to receive an education now. Tens of thousands have thought so in the past. So hope for the best - there is no harm in that.

11:14 PM  
Anonymous to tell the truth said...

"Ok - here are the facts"...

with all due respect, followed by a string of non-facts... maybe's, probably's, assume's, you get the picture.

Look, we can all surf the net and scour for sensational articles that suit our agenda.

Stick to the facts. They are scarey enough.

12:21 AM  
Anonymous hope said...

"in the days after katrina we as a nation recognized that the poverty and race were at the root of the problems in n.o."

Poverty and dismal conditions tolerated by the people of Louisianna, as part of the charming "fabric" of New Orleans, no doubt.

I'd call this NOLA's dark side, exposed by the light from Katrina. If it leads to change, then a great city will indeed emerge.

12:28 AM  
Anonymous reality bytes said...

"Smile -we are all crazy"

I am NOT. I swear.

12:33 AM  
Anonymous i got yours is mine said...

"and possession is nine tenths of the law as they say"

yeah? maybe that's what THEY say

in NOLA, it is the law



12:37 AM  
Anonymous facts is facts said...

"facts, facts, facts. without them we all sound like hannity and o'reilly."

Surely that is a typo, Emily? You meant to type 'with'?

Careful of drinking too much Kool-Aid made with that water from NOLA.

12:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Postponing withdrawal until November is a win/win decision. It allows students to hear what Tulane is proposing for the spring before deciding what to do and it allows Tulane to postpone that day of reckoning when it will have to give money back to withdrawing students.

Follow the money. Tulane has a 700 million dollar endowment, which is a little, 280 million in debt, which is a lot, and 200 million in this year's tuition up in the air. Tulane has always been skating on thin ice, and now the ice gave way. Scott Cowen may be doing a good or a not good job, but he certainly is not sleeping at night. In true New Orleans fashion, this school is going to have to depend on "the kindness of strangers."

4:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh, if Hannity and O'Reilly are factual then I'm sure New Orleans will be open and just like it ever was by Spring. There's a reason it's referred to as "FAUX News".
I've enjoyed visitng this site, thanks Brett for providing this forum. We need information and yes, even conjecture from both ends of the spectrum. Hopefully the truth will lay somewhere in between. I enjoy reading all of the comements. When only one side of the arguement is presented it ceases to be "fair and balanced" and becomes nothing more than propaganda.
I love New Orleans, Tulane and the Gulf Coast in general. I was (and still am) so proud of my daughter being a Tulane student. She worked hard to attend a University the caliber of Tulane and there's no where else she want's to graduate from. I'll support her decisions to the very end, but I'll always be mindful of the safety aspects of her returning there. When she returns she'll only have one semester to go so my concerns are more limited than other parents whose "young adults" are underclassmen. The safety of the students should be our primary concern.
That being said, everyone continue their sleuthing and sometime, somehow we'll all have the information necessary to make sound judgments.
And Rita; go the hell away!

4:11 AM  
Blogger RealityCheck said...

At 9:55 PM Anonymous said...

"The last few posts, with the "How about this for a counter offer Scotty" and realitychecks stages of dying have made me laugh from the gut."

Thanks! :-)

5:15 AM  
Anonymous facts is facts said...

"There's a reason it's referred to as "FAUX News"."

LOL, and the reason is? The Louisianna educational system failed to teach the correct spelling for 'fox'?

No wonder so many New Orleans residents were ill prepared for Katrina. They were all out faux hunting.

Keep drinking that Kool-Aid, dear.

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emily - Who said anything about Nagin being black - other than you? It's a non-issue, had absolutely nothing to do with the post.

6:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't the parents find somewhere else to argue? Give this forum back to the students... for everyone's sake.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh goodness. The race card. Ok, let's evaluate.

1. The mayor of a city is first and foremost responsible for having a plan for evacuation of his/her city. I don't think the earlier post said he was "getting it on in a category 4", but rather, he was away w/his mistress - they might have been shopping -

With that said, if the mayor of a city is first and foremost responsible for having an evacuation plan for his city, where did NOLA go wrong FIRST!

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesn't really matter where he was, or what color he is. The fact is, he DID NOT HAVE A PLAN to get his people to safer ground, and he had plenty of time. On Larry King Live he said that he didn't have enough bus drivers. The govenor of the fine state of Louisiana didn't even let the Red Cross, who was ready, willing and able into the city. THIS IS THE FIRST THING THAT WENT WRONG. And the mayor and the governor have also taken responsibility for what went wrong.

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The point of the post was to point out the lack of leadership in the local government in New Orleans, which directly affects Tulane and when it can reopen - nothing else.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous toxic kool-aid said...

Perpetuating myth as fact IS a form of racism. Keep repeating it AS IF it were true. The sheep will follow. At least the "white" ones.

7:10 AM  
Anonymous nuttin but duh trut said...

To be fair, who was the rival fraternity? Or are we just interested in bashing Brett?

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ignore it and it will go away.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous ncgwmom said...

Wow, is this what you guys meant when you said the parents should go away and let the students have a civil conversation?

(And what does the frat have to do with anything that's been discussed here?)

8:11 AM  
Blogger A Tulane Student said...

A question y'all may be able to answer:

1) For those of us on scholarships, is TU going to grant us our full 4 years on scholarship if we can't return in the spring? Or am I going to be stuck graduating somewhere I don't want to be because I can't afford to graduate from Tulane without my scholarship?

Aside from the cynicism inherent to that question, I have to say I'm looking on the bright side (and yes, possibly unrealistic, impractical, rose-colored side). I hope and pray that Tulane will open in the spring. I'm currently at Duke, and it's a beautiful place, wonderful school, and all the rest. I'm happy I have the chance to be here. But if I wanted to go to school in NC, I would have. New Orleans is my home, and the sooner it can be restored and rebuilt, the better.

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought you might be interested in these photos if you haven't seen them. The first link is of Prytania up to I 10. The second is up Magazine. They came off the NOLA forums.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are remain unhappy about the current situation you need to let the school know. The calls people made had an impact but yesterday they were back to patting themselves on the back.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tulane is going to play their homecoming game at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous reality bytes said...

Duke IS a beautiful place to go to school. UVA, too. Unless you plan on studying exotic diseases, strange behaviors, or environmental disasters -- first hand -- you can enjoy social life and an education elsewhere.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all you kids/parents who are complaining about $, tuition, Dr. Cowen, books, more $, etc....enough!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are disgusting. Even the 'poorest' in TU has more than these pics show. Take the loss, buy your kid new clothes or not, send them back or not but stop the bitching!!!

Check this out:

P.S. Thanks Brett, more people out here care for the real losses and love TU and think Dr. Cowen's just fine.

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...





10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Is this what you think he needs the money for? It doesn't look lke the University needs "rebuilding", and is it the responsibility of TU parents to rebuild New Orleans with tuition money?

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly. Most parents resent being told that they have to pay for something they didn't receive and that policy, in turn, is keeping some parents from being able to donate to Red Cross, etc... This is not what TUITION money is suppose to go for.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some info on the double spring semesters has been posted on the Freeman School of Business site

i.e. ...
Q: Will double semesters require additional tuition?

Answer from Dean DeNisi?: This is not exactly clear, and the University's official word should be out soon. At the very least, I believe these will be offered on an hourly basis for tuition. So if you took nothing this semester, you should get credit from Tulane for your Fall tuition, and you will need to pay SOMETHING (again, I really don't know what -- there is a lot of debate about this) for the shorter semester. The goal, though, is to try to ensure that you don't pay anything more than you would have. ADN

Q: Will there be any offer to Freeman students who are behind in credits to take summer classes at reduced rates?

Answer from Dean DeNisi?: I'm not sure but there will be two sessions this Spring to allow you to catch up. There should be information in President Cowen's message or tomorrow, there should be information on the new Freeman School page mentioned above. ADN

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me what building picture # 4 is on the pictures that Cowen sent thru his chat? Curious as to if this is a new building that should have been built to hurricane code.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i guess it depends also on if you are interested in your child being happy as well as getting a good education-what happened to the well-rounded individual? if tulane is what makes my daughter happy,then tulane it shall be.

tulane mom 08

11:23 AM  
Blogger RealityCheck said...

Is bankruptcy in Tulane's future?

From AP, the headline comes:
Entergy's New Orleans unit will consider bankruptcy filing

The text of the article is on WWLTV.COM if you are interested in reading it.

But, just think about the position Entergy would take if Cowen and the Tulane Administration was running it.

"We're sorry about the storm and the fact that we can't supply you with our service right now, especially since you aren't in a position to use it even if we could provide it, but since we need to pay our employees, we're going to charge you what we would have charged you had you actually used our service. Rest assured that wherever you are and using the service of another electricty provider (and btw, they should be remitting to us everything you paid to them during this terrible period), that you will not have to pay any more for the electricty that you are using than you would have used in New Orleans. If you pay less somewhere else, and you've paid us, we'll refund you the amount you paid elsewhere, when and if we ever get enough money to pay you back. Meanwhile, when you do come back to your homes, if you ever want your electricity to work at your homes, you must continue to pay us your regular monthly amount. If you choose not to come back to your home, you must tell us by November 1 (recently moved from September 27th to give you more time to choose!), or we'll have to re-hook you up when we get around to it."

Sounds like a plan!

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tulane 08 Mom:

I am happy that you can make fianancial decisions based on your daughter's happiness. I would hate to think that she could be happy anywhere else. But some of us aren't that lucky. We have to make decisions based on reality and facts, and then teach our children to find happiness whereever life takes them. Good luck!

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Entergy bakruptcy makes me wonder if there problems with the nuclear plants as some are saying?

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
i guess it depends also on if you are interested in your child being happy as well as getting a good education-what happened to the well-rounded individual? if tulane is what makes my daughter happy,then tulane it shall be.

tulane mom 08

Just so long as she is happy, thats all that matters. Just make sure she doesn't bathe or shower while she is there.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angelo DeNisi has been very informative about the situation from the very beginning. He sounds like he is going to be a great dean for the Business School.

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tulane dad: Did Tulane carry business interruption insurance and if so, how much?

President Cowen: The university does have business interruption insurance and we anticipate it will cover some but not all of our losses as a result of Hurricane Katrina

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am not saying happiness at the expensive of her safety-i have been a nurse for 23 years and i don't think i would intentionally place my daughter in harm's way-i am sure that the person who commented on the water would be the first to enjoy a trip to mexico! eough said, i just think you either want to support the school or you don't-if you don't want to return to new orleans and tulane i am sure no one will force you

tulane mom 08

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freshman parent: To what extent are Tulane's losses covered by insurance?

President Cowen: There are two kinds of losses in the case of a catastrophic event like Katrina. One is property damage losses and we believe we have sufficient coverage for those. The other is business interruption losses resulting from the loss of revenue. Our business interruption insurance will cover some of these losses but not the vast majority of them.

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To those still on the tuition issue, you have every right to be upset about your money. No one can judge the situation you are in. But if it is that important to you, just withdraw so you can get your money back. True, you have to reapply, but come on, compared to the hassle of the lawsuits some are threatening, it would seem that a bit of paperwork is much less daunting. No, it is not the perfect solution, but it gives you exactly what you want. Your money and your credits. Tulane will be happy to welcome you back. Dr. Cowen even said as much in last week's chat. It just doesn't seem worth all the complaining or threats when if you want your money, there is now a very clear way to get it.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous wow said...


Do WE also plan to pick her husband? Geez Louise!

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tulane mom 08 - you read this - right ?

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i didn't mean picked in that way-it was her decision-she had multiple schools to choose from

why do i feel like this is a personal attack of my opinion? i just wanted to offer my support and small opinion

by the way, i will not be selecting her husband

tulane mom08

1:35 PM  
Anonymous missing posts said...

"I have no deleted comments, even the ones I find wildly offensive."

I read this somewhere. Maybe it was a lie?

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a few parts :

Michael Chertoff, the U.S. secretary of Homeland Security, said Sept. 11 that Hurricane Katrina's blow to New Orleans last month created ``probably the greatest environmental mess we've ever seen in this country.''

The EPA now plans to start testing the soil to check for leaked toxic materials from Superfund sites -- abandoned properties contaminated by hazardous waste -- or other sources.

``We have a lot of concern about what in fact may be there, from radioactive isotopes that may have been used in hospitals or in universities, to oil and gas facilities to household chemicals,'' EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson said in an interview this week.

At least three Superfund sites were flooded in New Orleans, the EPA said. One of them -- the Agricultural Street Landfill, which lies downtown near a residential area and a school -- remained submerged as of yesterday, the agency said.

New Orleans might end up having to turn parts of the city into ``brownfields,'' said Dale Lehman, URS Corp.'s national coordinator for disaster contracts with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. While a site designated as a brownfield is eligible for federal cleanup grants, the label can also scare away potential developers. ``This is the most widespread catastrophe I've seen,'' he said. ``There are petrochemical manufacturers, refineries, damaged gas stations and major port facilities, all submerged.''
Grimes said a hint of what might be in the water came last week when he found two old electrical transformers contaminated with PCBs, which the storm had swept out of his own lab's shed used to store toxic chemicals.

Use of PCBs, which are harmful to people and wildlife, were phased out by law in 1976. PCB exposure can cause reproductive failure in animals and infertility, cancer, and neurological problems in humans, according to FEMA's Web site.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Open Soon Please: Everyone seems very optimistic that the school will open in January, which would be great. However, will there be a deadline by which you will say for sure whether the school will reopen so we can make plans to stay at our host schools or attend somewhere else?

President Cowen: We will be open this Spring. The specific date will be announced very shortly

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tulane mom 08:

it's silly to worry about all that toxic waste. she'll only be there for 2 or 3 years.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



2:48 PM  
Blogger Schiffman said...

Here is an article about what we are doing in Undergraduate Admission.

3:07 PM  
Blogger Schiffman said...

Here is an article about what we are doing in Undergraduate Admission.

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your link is incorrect. Try again. Thanks

3:21 PM  
Anonymous tu parent in texas said...

Dear Tulane Mom 08:

It's ok, us other moms knew what you meant. Don't let them pickin' on you get to you...they just don't have anyone else to pick on at the moment! I agree and my daughter will be right back there too!

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...




3:46 PM  
Anonymous Another Tulane Mom said...

Tulane Mom 08 - don't let the bullies get you down.

While pretending to want to have a rational discourse and see all sides it's clear that their true aim is to stifle any opinions that don't agree with theirs. They will use any tools they can - one sided "facts" that support their position, ridicule, sarcasm and just plain bullying. The common internet term for such people is trolls and the best thing to do is to ignore them.

You are far from alone in your opinions and stance.

And now I sit back and wait for the tomatoes from those who I have dared to challenge... ;)

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tulane mom 08 said:


I appreciate your sense of humor but i think you are being somewhat cavalier in your attitude. I think that going back to school in a couple of months is risky to say the least. The school is under pressure to open. The city is under pressure to survive. They aren't going to err on the side of your child's safety. That's your job as a parent. I am not saying that we shouldn't go back but I do think that rushing to open for financial reasons is the wrong decision and we as parents have to give this some long hard thought. There are many great schools out there - is it worth the risk?

4:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my daughter is currently studying at brown university a very good school indeed,but she wants to return to tulane-i feel when the school re-opens and we need to make a decision we will all sit down and make the right decision for her and her future.

i do know that it is not really my decision though, this is my daughter education and her future, i hope i can guide her and help her along the way. hopefully i have raised her with enough intelligence and common sense to make good decisions,but as with my own parents i do like to let her choose her road to travel.

every family must look at the situation and make the best decisions for their family.

tulane mom 08

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop picking on the moms. They giving great support to their kids - exactly what they should do. Thanks.

Also, Reality Bites, Duke is a fabulous school, many state schools are great schools, etc. There is something that students saw in Tulane that they couldn't find elsewhere. That is why we love Tulane. I just wish you had the same love for the school.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous ncgwmom said...

You ridicule us for "picking" our kids' schools (ludicrous when we did no such thing to begin with and how would you know if we did, anyway?) and then you say we shouldn't "allow" them to go back. Which way do you want it?

It's really very simple: we love our sons and daughters period, the end, and we will support them in doing what they want and need to do. Our family is very happy that we will be supporting our son in returning to Tulane ASAP even though he is at a terrific uni (Cornell) now, and we have faith that the educated minds at Tulane know a bit more about safety issues than the nay-sayers who seem to delight in tearing people and institutions down here.

And to the other moms here--I'm another who's with you-don't let them get you down--we know why we're here: to share what we can and support the people we love.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hee, hee...maybe we need a mom it'd sound alot different then what we've been hearing...that'd be pretty um....well, what are you going to do about your kid's bedding in the dorm after we get back in? Take it to the cleaners or just launder it?? We could have fun!

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now this takes awhile to digest (so attack away if you must):

There have been some websites reporting that the reason help took so long to get to New Orleans had nothing to do with race, class or incompetence. They contend that the government knew for a long time that New Orleans was a nuclear accident waiting to happen. Nuclear plants (Entergy Corporation) and low-level waste dumps are located in New Orleans (below sea level). Do we really believe that they US Government didn't know that New Orleans needed help? The delay in the response was the result of the government's knowing the situation but not knowing exactly how to deal with what had happened.

There were statements issued about flooding dangers in nuclear plants after the tsunami, there was a plant in France that had a flooding problem in 1999 and there was a UN organized workshop of scientists convened to investigate flooding dangers after the tsunami. On Wednesday September 13, 2005 an article stated: "The United States Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday began a top-to-bottom review of emergency preparedness and security at the Indian Point nuclear plant in Westchester County. The review is part of a sweeping initiative by the federal government to assess the vulnerability of the nation's infrastructure." And it went on to further state …"Mr. Matthiessen said that the federal government's handling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster did not augur well for a nuclear accident or a terrorist attack at Indian Point. "FEMA's gross incompetence has been on full display during the tragic events down in New Orleans," he said. "And that was a natural disaster for which we had several days' warning."

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having a TU Mom Blog would be so much fun - as long as we didn't have to be serious all the time! Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying! How about someone start one!

7:18 PM  
Blogger Schiffman said...

sorry maybe this will work. its the link for what we are up to in Undergraduate Admission.

If that doesnt work i dont know why. Its from the Richmond Times Dispacth

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is it that I am stuck in here in Houston because of Katrina and now I am going to get slammed by Rita. What the hell did I do to piss off the tropical disturbance family? What are we supposed to do if our host school closes?

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummmm....transfer hosts to SMU..the game's here this weekend!

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How cute. Don't tell me YOU go to TU? Watch your mouth, you little punk.

TU Mom 09

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Dorothy said...

There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.

4:21 AM  
Anonymous Tulane Mom x 2 said...

"Having a TU Mom Blog would be so much fun - as long as we didn't have to be serious all the time! Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying! How about someone start one!"

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration. Your blog is the only connection that I have with Tulane and the others in our position. I am a parent of a Freshman and feel his pain. Although he is attending a very good host university, it is not what he hoped and dreamed his college experience would have been. For all the reasons you have posted in your blogs....that is what he wanted and still wants. It is his final decision on where to attend in January, but Tulane has my vote and I hope it is for the other freshman as well. Just think what a tight class they will become after the experience they have had to share. Keep up the good work. You are a great inspiration for all Tulane Students and parents.

4:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dani Scher said...
i have pictures of tulane that show completely different things. In addition...i am from new orleans and my father is on the tulane board and is a physician in the medical school. My parent's house was located only a few blocks from school and was buldozed. In addition, my appartment sustained damage beyond repair. I have included this information because I know how tulane works and how the president of our school works. As a senior...I know i will not be back at tulane every again...and do not have a home to go back to in new orleans or anywhere else. Even if tulane campus is fixable...i have extensive pictures of uptown that clearly show that the city is not going to be up and running for at least a year. How can one attend a university in a city with complete contamination and distruction. Another support for this information is that my father is a tulane university employee, and he has already relocated to NYC because his contract is void because tulane will not be opening for quite some time. Sorry to be so pessimistic...but these are the hard facts. I transferred to SMU and Tulane's President is expected to speak on saturday. Following his speech...I am going to express to him the utter importance of being honest with the Tulane community, because clearly he has not done so. -DANIELLE SCHER...FROM NEW ORLEANS...TULANE STUDENT...DISPLACED FROM FAMILY AND LIFE...DEMANDING THE TRUTH TO BE SPOKEN FROM OUR COMMUNITY "LEADER"

5:37 AM  
Anonymous soph looking ahead said...

Now that is sappy.

Look, Katrina bites, all the way around. But Brett is a self-absorbed nobody, his pathetic ego stoked by weepy losers.

Someone point me to one piece of information that this Blog provides! It reads like a really bad soap opera. I know that soaps are a popular diversion, especially among you moms, but let's get real.

How hard is it to set up a freakin Blog anyway?

As to returning to Tulane? No way! Katrina sent a pretty clear message. I am getting on with my life. I'm not going to spend my time worrying anymore about what next Spring is going to look like. Or what next year's tuition bill will look like. Or what New Orleans will look like after another storm finishes it off.

We dodged the bullet last year. This year we got wasted. All I can say to those freshman who stay is, good luck.

5:51 AM  
Anonymous seeking truth said...

yet another phony post

the latest epedemic caused by Katrina

faux posts

5:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Dani Scher said...
i have pictures of tulane that show completely different things"

Then why don't you post them for the rest of us to see?

6:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dani, first of all let me say how sorry I am for the blow that Katrina dealt your family.

However, I venture that most of us have looked at pictures other than the ones the university provided. and AP photographs as well as satellite imaging of the floods haved been studied for hours on end. It's my understanding that many of the older homes with wooden frame construction did not fare as well. We're not wearing blinders here, nor are we naive. We will make decisions on down the road.

There are politics at every school, and public relations goes on, just as with every corporation, politician and celebrity. It's all part of dealing with human beings. I dare say that people will make decisions about next spring based on the facts as they know them - from all sources. Students have around six weeks to decide, and a lot can happen in that time.

Your father's departure from Tulane, although certainly a huge event in your life is definitely a one-sided point from my perspective as I have no way of knowing what other factors besides Katrina may have figured in.

I do wish you the best of luck at SMU.

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Soph Looking Ahead,

Hasta la vista, baby!

10:26 AM  
Blogger tulanemom 08 said...

well-i am actually shaking my head in disbelief-my son(who is the twin of my daughter at tulane) called to say last night his school was closing as off wednesday at 5pm-he goes to school in,you guessed it, houston-maybe it is a twin thing-i didn't know whether to laugh or cry-i thought once they left for college it got easier!

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If he cherishes his things, tell him to take them with him! We'll be thinking of you all. Hang in there, mom.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dani Scher you are full of crap...Your father cannot serve on the Tulane board and be a University employee - it's called "conflict of interest" - and if your father was on the Board you would know that the bylaws prohibit such a relationship. IGNORE this person whoever he/she may be.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous seeking truth said...

Actually, you are full of crap. is this a contest?

There IS a Dr. Scher who is a Pediatric Oncologist for the Tulane University Medical School who is also on the Board for the Tulane Regional Health Network.

Using the term "Board" loosely, this connection is factually correct.

Whether or not the post is really from a Dani Scher.

Next time you open your yap, do your homework.

11:10 AM  
Anonymous tulane mom x 2 said...

You asked for it.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seeking truth - yes, it is a contest and you win. Being on the Board of a regional health network has no relationship to being on the Tulane Board. Dr. Scher doesn't have a daughter either.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you talking about Dr. Charles Scher?

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Charles Scher, who is a pediatric oncologist and may be who your are talking about, could not be Dani Scher's father. His children are grown and married. Therefore, it would be farily unlikely that they transferred to another college. I don't think this is the Dr. Scher to whom Dani could have been referring.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous D. Bradley Freeman, MD said...

You don't understand - there is no such person as Dani Scher. If there is a Dr. Scher, it is a coincidence. Dani Scher does not exist.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Brett said...

I looked in my student directory and there is no Dani or Danielle Scher that is a student at Tulane.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Brett said...

I looked in my student directory and there is no Dani or Danielle Scher that is a student at Tulane.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a Danielle Scher in the Facebook.

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm confused.

Dani, who the hell are you?

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe her Dad didn't pay her Fall Tuition. LOL

12:28 PM  
Anonymous dani's friend said...

hey brett

you and your buddies sure like to bring down people you disagree with

if that doesn't work, delete their posts

or just pretend they don't exist, eh?

well, looks like the non-existent dani has quite a few friends at tulane

must be an anti-aepi conspiracy


12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah there is a danielle scher in facebook who is from metarie and is at SMU right now.

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and therein lies the reason for the "anonymous" button.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cowen's headed to Dallas

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so people can lie?


how f-ed up is that?

12:48 PM  
Anonymous beam scottie outta here said...

Yep, sooner or later the storms will cahse him back to Case Western... one can hope!

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Bobby E. said...

I wonder if J.R. knows about this?

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cahse is vulcanese for chase?

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe it's cahse western that he's being cased to

just anothe fox pause

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Yep, sooner or later the storms will cahse him back to Case Western... one can hope!"

Believe me, we don't want him! You got 'em, congratulations and thanks for taking him.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Brett Hyman said...

whoever is posting as Brett is not me. I post at Brett Hyman.

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you please post those devasting Uptown pictures.

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you all see this ?

Spring Academic Plans:

Plans are currently been established for Tulane's spring reopening. This will include an almost normal spring semester folllowed by a compressed nine week semester. The purpose is to allow students that sat out for the fall, or who took part time course load the opportunity to catch up. A more detailed documemt will be posted on the Tulane website

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

let's see:

brett isn't Brett is brett

and Dani isn't but is too

just like Tulane isn't but will be

... clear as mud

3:08 PM  
Anonymous better late than never said...

old news...

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

... clear as New Orleans mud

3:22 PM  
Anonymous waiting to see said...

I'm with everyone else who wants to see these pictures.

If every other picture that we've seen from Tulane, national weather service satellites, even the ones from personal friends who've been back in the city, and countless other places are so wrong, then I most definitely want to see the "real" ones.

And out of pure curiosity, how did they fake all of these other pictures we've been seeing? I bet it was a national conspiracy, wasn't it?

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

clear as New Orleans toxic mud

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Soph greek said...

This is completely off the topic, but I would really like to comment on this. As far as an anti-AEPi conspiracy is concerned here, I think whoever said that really needs to go jump in the river.

I don't know Brett Hyman. I don't know any AEPi's for that matter. Why are people trying to turn this into a Greek issue? Just because Brett happens to be an AEPi? I mean the Greek community at Tulane is already under a lot of heat on a continual basis, for normal things. Do we really need to try to make it look worse by showing petty rivalries at a time like this?

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out how you can tell a before and after shot of half of New Orleans...

It always look like a putrid wreck.

That's what the locals call its "charm".

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


isn't that a PKE thing to do?

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I mean the Greek community at Tulane is already under a lot of heat on a continual basis"

Now THAT is really funny... the campus "untouchables", lawyered to the hilt, given free reign to terrorize the communty, "under heat"?

Bet none of the moms who post here never see what their sweet boys are up to.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous greek too said...

no one ever said that the greeks don't cause problems from time to time. you may think that we don't get in any trouble... but we really do.

it's called the ifc and pan-hell... i'd give you the sites but they're not really working right now. there's also our national headquarters to answer to.

the only way a house, frat or sorority, is "untouchable" is if they're not affiliated with the school. then, they still have to answer to the cops.

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think the Greeks "terrorize" the community. For the most part, they add value to the community. Most of the people in fraternities and sororities, like Brett, are people with substantial interests and personalities who actually do good things for New Orleans and Tulane.

If you took time to think about it, instead of taking an easy cheap shot, you would realize most of the sororities and fraternities have members who are leaders both in and out of the classroom. In saying that, I am not discounting the people that are not Greek. Obviously, they add just as much value to Tulane and New Orlenas. Overall, I guess my point is that the members of the Greek community are simply students like everyone else. They just joined a different organization.

I do not think this is the forum for this kind of debate though. I would encourage people to leave it alone and focus on other issues.

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Soph greek said...

This is Soph Greek, again. I didn't mean to start any type of Greek debate. I just simply wanted to comment on how I thought it was wrong of people to try to turn this into one just because Brett happens to be an AEPi.

Sorry y'all.

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Poem by Suheir Hammad
by J-Love

a prayer band

every thing

you ever paid for
you ever worked on
you ever received

every thing

you ever gave away
you ever held on to
you ever forgot about

every single thing is one
of every single thing and all
things are gone

every thing i can think to do
to say i feel
is buoyant

every thing is below water
every thing is eroding
every thing is hungry

there is no thing to eat
there is water every where
and there is no thing clean to drink

the children aren’t talking

the nurses have stopped believing
anyone is coming for us

the parish fire chief will never again tell anyone that help is coming

now is the time of rags
now is the indigo of loss
now is the need for cavalry

new orleans
i fell in love with your fine ass poor boys sweating frying catfish blackened life thick women glossy seasoning bourbon indians beads grit history of races
and losers who still won

new orleans
i dreamt of living lush within your shuttered eyes
a closet of yellow dresses a breeze on my neck
writing poems for do right men and a daughter of refugees

i have known of displacement
and the tides pulling every thing
that could not be carried within
and some of that too

a jamaican man sings
those who can afford to run will run
what about those who can’t
they will have to stay

end of the month tropical depression turned storm

someone whose beloved has drowned
knows what water can do
what water will do to once animated things

a new orleans man pleads
we have to steal from each other to eat
another gun in hand says we will protect what we have
what belongs to us

i have known of fleeing desperate
with children on hips in arms on backs
of house keys strung on necks
of water weighed shoes
disintegrated official papers
leases certificates births deaths taxes

i have known of high ways which lead nowhere
of aches in teeth in heads in hands tied

i have known of women raped by strangers by neighbors
of a hunger in human

i have known of promises to return
to where you come from
but first any bus going any where

tonight the tigris and the mississippi moan
for each other as sisters
full of unnatural things
flooded with predators and prayers

all language bankrupt

how long before hope begins to eat itself?
how many flags must be waved?
when does a man let go of his wife’s hand in order to hold his child?

who says this is not the america they know?

what america do they know?

were the poor people so poor they could not be seen?

were the black people so many they could not be counted?

this is not a charge
this is a conviction

if death levels us all
then life plays favorites

and life it seems is constructed
of budgets contracts deployments of wards
and automobiles of superstition and tourism
and gasoline but mostly insurance

and insurance it seems is only bought
and only with what cannot be carried within
and some of that too

a city of slave bricked streets
a city of chapel rooms
a city of haints

a crescent city

where will the jazz funeral be held?

when will the children talk?

tonight it is the dead
and dying who are left
and those who would rather not
promise themselves they will return

they will be there
after everything is gone
and when the saints come
marching like spring
to save us all

4:50 PM  
Blogger Freshman Mom said...

That is an incredible poem! Having been in Dallas, working with nearly 3000 evacuees and listening to their individual and collective addition to watching the news and reading blogs, etc....your poem truly captured so very much of what I've heard, seen, observed these past horrific weeks! Very moving!

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"members of the Greek community are simply students like everyone else"

Members of the priveleged class never see themselves as priveleged.

12:18 AM  
Anonymous a tulane grad student said...

Well, Doug, you can expect that post to get censored (even though Brett doesn't censor).

Look folks, there is not a single piece of information on this site. Not one. Prod Brett to use his "popularity" to transorm his site to something with positive influence. Not a naive rah rah site, that provides a magnet for bashers. The current approach may "sell", but it is hard to see what the benefit is.

Now, you can shoot the messenger, and rise up in a chorus of "Brett is great", "thank you Brett", etc. posts, but you obviously miss the point that controversy is something Brett has stoked from the outset, and seems to enjoy, as long as it doesn't get too personal.


Fire away.

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if the temporary TU office in Houston moved their work with them when they had to evacuate for Rita. Has anyone heard?

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tulane would be a heck of a lot better without a Greek system. You young folks probably don't remember Josh Gimelstob, the Pike who ran over (actually, he DRAGGED the poor innocent guy down McAlister with his car) a Tulane police officer one night when Josh was drunk. The officer died. Josh tried to hide what he did by taking his car to a garage in Kenner for repairs. It really doesn't matter that he was caught, since Josh got off scot-free with zero jail time.

Life is great for the privileged!

What did Tulane do about it? Nothing.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous tu soph said...

to the tulane grad:

i read doug's post perfectly fine, and i understand where you're you are coming from. but there is some usable information on this site. i've used some of it to find pictures and articles that i know to be fairly accurate according to friends that have gone back into the city already. so it's not all bad; you just have to ween it out.

to doug:
i am greek. i don't really know anyone in AEPi. and i understand that all frats and sororities have national reputations. but i also know that at tulane, some of those reputations don't exactly go with the way we do things. the house i'm in doesn't go with it's national repuation... or at least it's southern one. and also, seeing that you don't go to tulane, and you're not the tulane ifc pres., i, personally, feel like you shouldn't be commenting, because you don't know about the way things are at tulane. even from school to school in new orleans greek life is different. it's because of the city and the way of life in new orleans. i've heard that from greek friends who've come to visit me there. i know you may mean well, though,... somehow.

i hope that they've taken the work with them. it would be horrible if they lost what they've already re-accumulated. does any one know the condition of our permanent records and information at tulane? like our financial aid records, credits, all that fun stuff?

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the servers are in fine shape, just without power (in nola)

everything in houston went north to dallas, not to worry

not too hard to find this info on other sites, but when you tune into a soap opera all day... hey, you get what you ask for

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last I checked, physical records were different than the servers that control the computer systems...

I know for a fact that certain offices were being renovated, and physical files had been moved to temporary places, places that may not have been so secure and might not have been secured before the storm hit, due to the fact that the it didn't turn until friday afternoon... I still haven't heard about the conditions of those offices yet.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the physical records? always have been a mess. some were lost. some are non-recoverable. but hey, before the storm, they routinely lost (misplaced) records. they found and cashed my freshman housing deposit in my sophomore year, in the spring. life goes on.

11:00 AM  
Blogger Brett Hyman said...

You bet I'll get rid of some comment that has NOTHING to do with the hurricane and Tulane. If you want to bash fraternities and sororities, find another forum. Moreover, I will just state that I know every single fraternity and sorority at Tulane will raise more relief aid money than any other organization. No one deserves to be personally attacked on this site, that's not what it is for. And whoever the "IFC President" who posted was, what school are you from and why are you on my site?

Post only relevant stuff on here guys. Try to respect each other. I don't think that's too much to ask.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Eddie Sauer - Sigma Chi said...

Brett - The poster or poser who claimed to be an IFC president was a bit out of line or should I say context. However, what does your comment that all the Greek houses will raise more money than any other organization have to do with anything? Do you want a prize? The poster merely claimed that your frat doesn't have the most sterling reputation and that's a fact.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Brett Hyman said...

I'm proud that many of the fraternites and sororites are planning to work together for one big fundraising effot. If we all do, then that's about 20% of Tulane, all working to raise money. I dont want a prize, I just want the guy who said "tulane would be better off without fraternities" to realize that that's probably not the case.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I unfortunately left all my clothes at school including my tulane clothes. I would really love to wear tulane stuff around this there anywhere online to purchase tulane stuff????

12:03 PM  

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