Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I have no deleted comments, even the ones I find wildly offensive. Please, feel free to do or say what you will. My most recent post is just trying to ENCOURAGE you all to speak respectfully to people you may not know. I don't know how many times I have to repeat, I don't care if you want to be negative about the situation, but there is a mature and productive way to get the administration to take action. Apparently that is too much to ask of some of these parents. Therefore, do as you will. Your attacks on my character don't really bother me, cause you really dont know me at all. I know, in my heart, that I'm doing the right thing. If you don't like it, then feel free to post that, anonymously or not.

Check back for a lot of new articles soon. They have already been written, I just wanted to let these posts marinate before I resume posting.



Blogger emilyfaye said...

for students who want to continue studying but can't commit to being in one place for the next few months:

the alfred p. sloan foundation is organizing the sloan semester, a program that allows students affected by the hurricane to take online classes from more than 200 different colleges and universities for full credit at their home institutions. check them out at sloansemester.org. there is no cost to the program. course lists go up sept. 15th. classes start oct. 10 and end on or before jan. 6th. through this program those of us who want to volunteer in the gulf coast region don't have to fall behind with school.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

with the good news of uptown, cbd, french quarter, and algiers opening for business as early as monday, shouldn't we be talking about that rather than bickering about the tuition?

this is great news for so many reasons.

1) the first signs of life will return to the city
2) we can all assess the damage to our property
3) the people in the dorms can get their stuff
4) the computer network should be back up much sooner
5) the city can start rebuilding
6) the school can start rebuilding

4:37 PM  
Blogger jwu said...

Brett, you're doing a great job. Here's where we can all shar ideas and thoughts. It's all opinions, no rights or wrongs.

Now will someone please let me know what to do about the tuition issue. I was upset of learn of the expenses, but my parents are even more upset. They want to pull me out of Tulane completely...but there is no way I can be happy anywhere else.

My dad has a point though. Instead of milking all the students to reconstruct Tulane (which isn't going to be enough anyway), why doesn Mr. Cowen and members of the university board travel all over the country and try to collect money and make arrangements. Emphasize on the children, the need of our future and how important environment and education is to the youth. He'll surely get many sympathies and donations. I know our President's hearts int he right place, but he is not expressing himself in a way where people can sympathize. He just needs to emphasize the education of America's youth and he'll hit home with many people.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the site to indicate if you are returning to Tulane or not?

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Update: The call center number is, toll-free, 866-502-7264, or in Texas, 713-888-5008.

5:10 PM  
Blogger RealityCheck said...


As long as you don't censor any posts, you have my complete support.

We disagree on how the situation should be handled, but we both agree there should be a place to voice opinions.

BTW - I don't believe any of my posts have been deleted or censored in any way.

5:14 PM  
Blogger Brett Hyman said...

Thanks, realitycheck. I appreciate it.

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Student_MC said...

Thanks for having a place for those of us who wish to remain positive in this situation. It's hard enough to try to take classes while being displaced, having people bicker around me is just too much. I have faith in Tulane. I don't know all the information that they have which caused them to make their decisions so I'm just going to go on having faith. I know it'll all turn out all right. I might just read your main page articles from now on and skip the comments but don't think I'll stop coming here.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has the administration heard the news! Open Monday!

Let's go get our things and give Dr. Cowen one less thing to worry about!

5:56 PM  
Blogger parent of 2 tulane grads said...

Way to go , Brett--you have provided a valuable service to all who care about Tulane and NOLA. Dr. Cowen is sincere and truly cares about Tulane and his adopted city. I am proud to say both of my children graduated from Tulane in the past few years, and all of our hearts have been torn apart over this tragedy.

Positive input, work, and prayers will bring back the city and the university. You have ours!

6:06 PM  
Blogger parent of 2 tulane grads said...

Way to go , Brett--you have provided a valuable service to all who care about Tulane and NOLA. Dr. Cowen is sincere and truly cares about Tulane and his adopted city. I am proud to say both of my children graduated from Tulane in the past few years, and all of our hearts have been torn apart over this tragedy.

Positive input, work, and prayers will bring back the city and the university. You have ours!

6:07 PM  
Blogger es said...

There is a third alternative to ranting and raving. Check out www.pelican83.blogspot.com

Yes, you must register, but that registration can be maintained "anonymously" -- the advantage to doing things this way is to limit the spamming so prevalent on this site and others.

And, yes, spam will not be tolerated.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think Tulane might provide some dorm space for students that want to come back and help N.O. this semester? I live off campus and would be afraid to move back this early!

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wheres my cools pics brett?

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First let me say that I love President Cowen. I just think Tulane should have given us the information about tuition earlier. With this information, I would have made different choices about my semester. I am currently taking 12 credits at WashU in St. Louis for $10,000. According to Tulane, I still am going to end up paying $16,000. I would have taken a full course load at an easier institution had I known that I would be charged for a full semester anyway. My original decision was based on saving money and still getting a good education. Does anyone agree with me or does everyone think that the university is being fair?


9:06 PM  
Blogger jpoldo said...

Let's be positve...flights are resuming at the airport, sections of the city are re-opening, flood water is receding, electricity and potable water is restored to some sections, and clean-up is underway.
Hopefully, Dr. Cowen will allow a return to campus soon to pick up needed stuff. At the same time, many of us could volunteer for clean-up.

4:39 AM  
Blogger GregC said...

positive doesn't answer questions though. I am paying 4,000 at Akron U,a nd wasting my time with lower quality teachers than at Tulane. I want to get a tulane education, not an Akron U education with Tulane stamped on the front.

That is like buying a stripped down lexus, you get something that is as good as a honda accord, but costs twice as much.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughter is a Tulane junior who deeply loves her school and New Orleans. She is anxious to return as soon as practicable. To the parents who have no confidence in Dr. Cowen or the institution by all means take your money and run. The loyal majority who remain will assist in making Tulane an even stronger institution.

Keep the faith!

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The City is NOT opening. You can go, retrieve what possessions you can, take pictures for insurance purposes and then you have to leave. The mandatory City-wide evacuation order is still in effect. Please, make it perfectly clear that people will not be able to move back in to their residences. Why anyone would want to at this stage is is beyond me. There is still a massive cleanup operation taking place and bodies are still being recovered in some areas. Disease and toxicity studies are still taking place. It is not safe to move back in.
It IS a positive step in the right direction though, and hopefully, within a few months at least parts of the City will be habitable. Let's all hope Tulane is one of those areas and life, as we know it, will return to something near normal.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gregc...why not consider withdrawing and then reapplying for the spring? a bit of an admin hassle i agree, but then you don't have to pay full price, and as long as you took some reasonable classes they should transfer. might be financially/logistically difficult to manage this type of refund from the university's standpoint, but you can essentially get the same outcome by withdrawing. i know, not a perfect solution, but we felt the paperwork was probably not in the end going to be that big of a deal.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone spoken to Houston this morning?

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone even read the emergency website update? It has all the FAQ's about tuition, with nearly every possible situation covered.

The web address is: www.emergency.tulane.edu

That site should answer your and your parents' tuition questions, and perhaps help you make a more informed decision.

9:16 AM  
Blogger es said...

Here is a case for you:

Student A is an undergrad. They recieve scholarship aid from Tulane as a distinguished scholar. That covers 1/2 the cost of tuition.

They are pre-med, and starting Organic Chem and Bio the third week into the semester, in a super large state school lecture format, was a non-starter.

They enrolled in two distribution courses, both large lecture formats, and dropped one because it was tedious (a fantasy literature course taught as a didactic lecture to 150 students?).

So, what now? Read the Policy and discern what tuition is owed whom, what actions and/or notification is required, whether the scholarship at Tulane is retained or forfeited when school resumes at Tulane.

Then tell me all the situations are covered.

Now, Student B. They are a grad student, enrolled in a special 4+1 program which is billed by Tulane at a lower (discounted) tuition rate. Student B could only find two courses relevent to his program open for enrollment. The good news, they are being offered by a program of higher stature. The two courses are 1/2 semester courses, 1.5 units apiece. Tulane's initial billing assumed a full schedule (9 or more credits), and is billed off the wrong billing schedule, not for the 4+1 program, but regular grad tuition rates.

Again, what tuition is owed whom? The host institution wants to bill under its commnity scholar's program. Tulane is using the wrong tuition rates to begin with. And the student is enrolled only part-time.

You see, the FAQs do not cover all situations, nor are they straightforward, nor are they fair (IMO).

Let the host institution bill under its schedule, forward all tuition monies to Tulane (if it will), and accept that as the Fall Tuition payment. Suspend all students' enrollment at Tulane one semester, pending a letter of intent to return in the Spring (assuming there will be one).

I challenge anyone to tell me that such a plan is neither fair, nor easier to implement, nor better for the Tulane University in the long run.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I've been an adament defender of the tuition policy currently in place. However, I do believe the alternative offered by ES isn't bad.

However, what do you do about monies already paid to Tulane? What is institutions that aren't charging don't want to take on the added administrative cost of processing tuition on behalf of Tulane?

Most institution offering the "free" tuition policy (which means they are waiving their tuition fees, if students pay their home institution) are incuring minimal, if any, cost. It doesn't cost anything to allow on 100-200 extra student to take classes, there are plenty of seats available. I do however believe it would cost some, if not a significant amount, amount of money to charge tuition. Thus, making institutions less willing to pass that amount of money on to Tulane.

I believe any institution taking Tulane or other displaced students in for the semester is doing a great and charitable service, especially those offering room and board, but it isn't a costly gesture. The publicity of goodwill far outways the financial costs.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Liz Farrell is a reporter from The Chronicle of Higher Education that would like to speak to any parents about the tuition situation with Tulane University. Her phone number is 202-466-1060. I spoke with her earlier for about 1/2 hour about my feelings with the current situation," the disaster in the City and questions I have about Tulane and the City of New Orleans."

Realitycheck posted this on his blog today--interesting that he didn't post it here. If you are NOT unhapppy with Tulane's position, Liz would like to hear from you. Please call her.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was aware not all situations were covered, hence the clause 'nearly' in my previous post. My comment was directed at those who have posted with obviously no idea about any movement in Tulane's policy.

Not only that, but the emergency website also states that Tulane will take situations case by case.

In agreement with you, I don't think that our host schools should be charging displaced students anything; what a cheap way to benefit off a disaster. Your billing suggestion was smart, however unneccessary it was to misread my comment and, apparently, the Tulane website, which when given proper thought, one can discern where tuition money is going.

3:15 PM  
Blogger es said...

"However, what do you do about monies already paid to Tulane?"

They become a credit for the Spring Semester -- no change.

"What if institutions that aren't charging don't want to take on the added administrative cost of processing tuition on behalf of Tulane?"

They are already doing similar administrative work entering students into their system and over-riding their billing systems and procedural checks and balances.

Case in point: Student A was billed by the host instution under their community scholar program, and could not be entered in that sysytem until payment was remitted. They are now owed a credit from the host for the course they dropped, and a credit from Tulane, AFTER they pay their Fall Tuition for Tulane, which has yet to be calculated. So far, there have been three treks to the billing office by student A, and seven phone calls back and forth, involving two clerks, one secretary, one dean, and two directors at the host institution.

The comment, that was priceless, was "Are they crazy?", when one director was led to the Tulane FAQ pages. Still no resolution. I understand a meeting is set tomorrow for folks here to interpret how to implement the policy. Student A directed them to the billing hot line.

I'd update you on Student B, but that i even more of a headache. Dop you really want to do this on a case bt case basis x thosands?

3:31 PM  
Blogger es said...

I'd update you on Student B, but that is even more of a headache. Do you really want to do this on a case by case basis x thousands?

3:33 PM  
Anonymous rebecca said...

Sorry to post this twice but I wanted to let people know about the amazing job Tulane did with getting students out of NOLA and taken care of and I wanted to pass some housing info along:

This is certainly a sensitive issue and Brett, I thank you for creating a space in which issues like these can be talked about.

I just had a few things to say:

First is, Tulane did an amazing job protecting its own students! Maybe they didn't have a disaster recovery plan but they did have a plan to get those of us on campus out of there and feed and taken care of. I am a grad student who lives/lived on the downtown campus. I do not have a car and would nothave been able to leave NOLA of my own accord. Tulane bused us out, gave us a place to stay, fed us, and kept us as informed as anyone could possibly be in that situation. I don't think anyone else in any other shelter had it as good as we did! Thank you Tulane!

Second, Scott Cowen is not GOD, nor is anyone else in Tulane leadership (FEMA isnt either by the way but thats another can of worms). I feel like people have forgotten that these are people who had homes and families in NOLA. They had to take care of themselves and their families as well. Sure, Ihave been as frusturated as anyone about the money and financial aid, but this is unprecedented and the issue is huge and complex. They have done their best and I doubt anyone else could have done much better in this situation.

As far as tuition goes, I believe it will be figured out in time. I think that if a student wants their credits to transfer to Tulane, then Tulane has a right to charge us for the credits. On the other hand, we are not using the rec center or computers and therefore I do not beleive we should be charged for those services, but I am confident Tulane will be incredibly reasonable if we are patient.

There are many schools not charging ANY tuition, and there is housing available for people in those communities, some of it is even free. I have managed to find a situation that financially is even better than if I attended fall semester at Tulane, but I did a lot of research and contacted many people rather than bitching. If you are worried about housing in a community check out the following sites:


there are ways to get around these issues if you take it into your own hands and be proactive rather than deferring responsibility (even if responsibility is justifiable someone else's)and trying to get someone else to fix it for you.

A bit extreme I know and maybe my situation is unique, but I am pretty confident that it is not. I know of many people who are making this work fine.

Good luck to everyone, and I hope to see many of you on campus in the spring!

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Tulane is keeping our tuition even though they are doing nothing this semester than doing us students a "favor" and accepting cerdits from other schools. (don't get me started about how the administrators are rebuilding the school for the students because they are doing it more for themselves and their bottom line - if they cared about the students academics, why is Tulane asking other schools not to accept transfers?)

Fine. I've come to terms with that.

But as a student with no family to help me out and as a student who has maxed out my loans allowed by Tulane, i do have one question.

Why did it take less than 1 week for the payroll systems to be brought online (for employees to receive paychecks without working) while it will take until mid-October to bring accounts receivable online (and finally give students their due disbursements)?

Ok, make it 2 questions.

Since Tulane is keeping our loan money and taking out no loans of their own, why can Tulane not agree to give us full refunds for books bought for Fall 2005 classes?
(I know there has been no decision on this one way or the other, but we all know what it means when Tulane takes forever to post a policy - it's gonna stick it to the students).

And dont question my Tulane loyalty. I was going on 7 years at Tulane and am obtaining my 2nd degree from Tulane in May. I love Tulane and New Orleans. Its because i love tulane so much that i am so disappointed and angry with university.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anyone know if landlords are starting to charge rent or "storage fees" and if anything can be done to prevent them from exploiting the students?

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt landlords can legally charge rent until people are allowed back into the city permanently. If your not allowed in the city then your house is probably considered uninhabitable, which is a reason to stop rent payments. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure that is part of a basic leasing contract.

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't censor THIS message:

Way to cut corners Cowen! After announcing on national television that faculty and staff would be paid for the current semester, President Cowen has gone back on his word. Now he has posted (http://www.tulane.edu/paystatus.html) that adjunct faculty and ABD (all but dissertation) graduate students will not be paid for the teaching appointments to which they were contracted. However, all other faculty will be paid for their time in absentia. This will only alienate an important sector of the Tulane community. Adjunct faculty are woefully underpaid to begin with and are some of the neediest members of the Tulane community. Eliminating their fall salaries will not save any significant amount of money but will divide a university that desperately needs cohesion during this time of hardship. What was he thinking when he made this decision? I am disappointed in Cowen and utterly disgusted with this policy. I encourage those who feel as I do to make their opinions known.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's awful!

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the 3:15 poster;

"In agreement with you, I don't think that our host schools should be charging displaced students anything; what a cheap way to benefit off a disaster".

OK, the other Universities that ARE providng services are WRONG to charge tuition, but Tulane University, which is providing NO services is RIGHT to charge tuition. And refresh my memory, which of these Universities is using the situation as "the cheap way to benefit from a disaster"?

Up is down, right is wrong, strength is weakness and the sun will rise in the west this morning. Wow!

5:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the 9:04 poster;

That is incredibly dishonest and short-sighted on Cowen's part. I can't believe the University is treating these people in such a cavalier manner. How do they possibly expect to open in the Spring without you? That could be a big hint to all of us that they DON'T honestly expect to open this Spring.
Why would they do this, it doesn't make sense? Talk about burning your bridges!
I really feel for you and hope that they'll change their position on this and many other things, but I'm beginning to have my doubts. I once thought they were doing a pretty darned good job of handling this, but things seem to be slipping downhill.

5:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the 7:05 poster, a responsible and "protecting" University wouldn't have even put students in that position. Tulane was aware (like everyone else with a TV, newspaper or radio) that there was a Category 5 Hurricane bearing down upon New Orleans. I think it would have been prudent to postpone Freshman weekend for another few days at least to see what was going to happen. I see nothing positive in an institution that would put anyone in that position in the first place. The fact that they took good care of you after the evacuation is nice, but a responsible and caring instituition would never have had you there in the first place.
That being said, I'm glad you fared well and hope you plan to return to Tulane in the Spring.

5:25 AM  
Anonymous lester said...

Why do people keep saying that Cowen knew Katrina was a Category 5 and kept the campus open until the last minute, endangering students? The storm hit on the 29th. It was a Category 2 as of the 26th. Although it appeared to be on a direct course for NOLA after passing through Florida, it was still only a Category 2 storm, which the levees would have protected against.

When it was upgraded to a Category 3 on the 27th, the day I arrived, the campus was shut down and my friends who were already in the city told me we needed to evacuate. Tulane was already busing students still stuck on campus to Jackson State. Around 1 am on the 28th, the storm was upgraded to Category 4. Around 8 of the same morning, when I was in MSY, the airport announced that the storm had been upgraded to a Category 5, before downgrading to a 4 when it hit on the following day.

Yes, projections had Katrina at Category 4, but the projections last year had Ivan destroying the city, and classes were cancelled for a week not even a month in for that evacuation. Without the benefit of hindsight, obviously Tulane wanted to monitor the situation without pushing the school's entire schedule back a week once again. Look, Tulane told everyone who could to get the hell out of Dodge and sent everyone who couldn't to JSU as soon as the storm was a Category _3_. This information is on any weather site that covered the hurricane, and on TU's old emergency site.

I'm sorry - it's perfectly fine to be upset about the tuition issue, but timelines should be checked before tossing accusations at TU about not trying to keep their students safe.

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one should feel sympathy for parents who have paid tuition at two schools. These parents made a very poor decision when they shelled out thousands of dollars to other schools, in addition to the tuition already paid to Tulane. As we all know, there are scores of colleges and universities who have waived their tuitions to visiting Tulane students. If a parent still chose to pay additional tuition after this policy was announced, they depleted their bank accounts at their own risk – for even if Tulane was offering full refunds for the fall, refunds could not be expected to be sent out in the near-term. If the decision to pay for a second tuition was made before the free transfer policies were announced, which was only a few days after the storm, then these parents made a panicked decision without the appropriate information – never a good idea in any situation. I would think it would be obvious, but, as a general rule, people should never just start throwing thousands of dollars around unless they absolutely have to, which is decidedly not the case in this situation. For parents now claiming financial distress because of a second tuition, the decision to pay a second tuition is even more indefensible. In any case, these parents should not blame Scott Cowen because they are fucking retarded.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous lester said...

9:51 - This is an uncensored blog and all, and I respect your right to speak your mind, but the recent posts have managed to regain some measure of civility for the most part, especially after that spectacular flame war with the 400+ comments - there's no real need to call anyone fucking retarded after making a point. Please, let's leave that to the Daily Jolt forums and that one guy on them who's going around trolling everyone under 500 different aliases.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have paid two tuitions and I assure you I am not "fucking retarded". I actually have a doctorate degree. Every person's situation is different and it is ignorant to assume that what goes for you goes for everyone else. I spent 50+ hours trying to find a quality school that would accept my freshman student. Many were only taking from their own state, and our home state AAU school simply refused to take any. Of the few schools who did offer a spot, there was no housing offered. It is not realistic to think that a freshman who has never lived away from home could be put on a plane to a strange city by himself, with only the clothes on his back (the rest are in the dorm at Tulane) and then expect him to find a rental or a sublet that very same day or have no place to sleep that night. I was unable to accompany him as I have two young children at home. He has chosen to attend the only school that is within driving distance of our home, and there was no tuition exchange offered. To tell you the truth, if we had been told that enrolling in another institution would mean Tulane would keep our tuition money, I never would have done it in the first place. We were not given adequate information in a timely fashion. This resulted in a descision that I now regret.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Censored by Brett said...

"I have no deleted comments, even the ones I find wildly offensive."

That is an outright lie, Brett.

9:12 AM  
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Be prepared for the next hurricane forecast or find another one that's similar. As the Boy Scouts say: "Be Prepared"!

1:39 PM  
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