Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Don't Transfer!!

I'm too tired to be persuasive, so I'm just gonna speak from the heart. Being in my fourth year at Tulane, I have developed a special relationship with both the school and the city. Even without a big time sports team, I have as much pride for Tulane as does a fan of UT or Michigan. The reason I picked Tulane when I was a freshmen is because I felt that they would go out of their way to give me the best experience they could provide. And they did. While I knew I'd be paying out the ass for school, I felt that I was getting my money's worth. Tulane will bounce back and fulfill this same promise. In fact, they will do everything in their power to make up for the terrible events that transpired. I bet there's a fantastic party right when we get back.

Tulane needs us. If too many us of transfer, they'll lose tons of money and it will bring them down, significantly. If anything, we could do a little good in life. We can help them recruit a class next year, or we can just hang tight until we get more news on relief efforts. If you must go, then you must go. But those of you that stay it wont just be for yourself, you'll be doing Tulane a great favor.

I hear about Freshmen trying to transfer, and I'm sure some will. But let me just urge to not to. Let me urge you to wait it out a semester, take classes somewhere else, or find a cool job around home. Life is full of expected situations, but go with your gut on this one. If you feel the love from Tulane that I felt when I was an incoming freshmen, then give it a chance.

Let me make you a promise, if Tulane isn't a life-changing experience, I'll buy you a drink at the Boot.

Jobs vs. Taking Classes

I'd like to point out the value we can gain from taking a job in your field of interest. Since there's really no one to compete with, unlike summer internships, it might be very possible to secure an internship or job that is not entirely mindless. Spend some time sending out a well-written cover letter than explains your situation. I'd argue that an internship and/or job can be equally as valuable in your educational experience.

I'm not advocating taking classes at some random university. It might be just too much pressure for some people. Plus, you can probably get paid.

The Last Post is a Bit Confusing

Why would they even infer, in his recent post, that school is coming back this semester? I've done a reasonable amount of research and I think it's safe to bet that New Orleans will not be a habitable city for 4-6 months. If you disagree let me know, I was arguing with my friend about this hours ago. I feel that it will be 4 weeks until the levees are fixed, then they need to get the electricity back to pump the water out. That'll be another 4 weeks. Then, they will need to clear the debris so they can fix the water mains and gas pipes (say 2-4 weeks for this). After this, the city will be somewhat habitable for workers, but all the buildings will still be damaged. Once water, electricity and gas are restored, workers can come in a fix all the windows, roofs and structural damage to the hotels and public facilities. This could take years, but hopefully some stuff can get done in a month. Then, I'd come back, stay in a hotel and evaluate the damage to my house. It would take another month (minimum) or two to fix the windows and roof that were at least mildly affected. Then we can move back in and start over.
You do the math.

ADDITION: New Orleans will not go "back online" until the whole city is habitable. The roadways will just be too clogged and infrastructure will be too strained trying to operate Tulane without having the rest of New Orleans available. How can I prove this? Tulane is the largest employer of people in New Orleans. Many of these people probably do not and will not have houses for quite some time. We've gotta have both sides of the city at least partly habitable to be back at school. Moreover, WE need places to live, and its just gonna take time to fix uptown, even if they are able to fix up the city in half the time of my predictions.

Enrolling in other schools

Let's get the record straight. Everyone's talking about enrolling in schools in their hometowns. To me, this seems to be a viable option, however make sure you don't do something without fully checking it out. Tulane used to be a stickler about grade transfers, and I recommend everyone wait until they can talk to Tulane until we know for sure that this is possible. Assuming they are more leinent about transfer, they still may not like state universities and may only want major universties. It would be very annoying to enroll, pay and then be screwed.

I've talked to a few schools and some are willing to take students as visitor students. You basically aren't enrolled in the school, just visiting from another university (Tulane). Therefore, all your grades and crap just goes right back to Tulane. What does this mean? It means you dont have to apply to the school and get in. you can just start taking classes right away. Sweet.

Now this seems optimal, but I must stress that Tulane might not be down with that concept. They might say, "hey, we want you to come back and go to some weird school like jackson state." That would be terrible!

Post in the comments section about schools you know of that are interested. Also state about whether they have a business school- because a big problem here in California is that there are very few undergraduate business school. Check back for updates later

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